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Faceless Friday 2.3

Well it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? But not six years so we are still on track! Welcome back to Faceless Friday where I list out all of the awesome things that rocked my face off in the past week (or so)!

My Self. Yep. I said it. I meant it. I’ve been struggling like a muthaphucka with some past trauma shit and I am so damn proud that I am seeing it for what it is and working through it (with the help of my counselor pointing it out because Lawd knows I didn’t recognize it at first). I guess I thought that I had to be in a relationship to have myself worth and abandonment issues triggered… turns out that is incorrect. My counselor offered this advice and I want to pass it on to you: When you are having big emotions to something, big reactions, it is your job to see where those are stemming from. Look deeper than the issue at hand and see what may be really happening. Knowing that I will always react in a big way to feeling unwanted, underappreciated or undervalued (self worth issues) rocks my face off because it shows me where I need to work on my self.

Friends and Family. Always. I am so appreciative of their support both emotionally and financially when needed that I never know how to actually show my gratitude. They have always believed in me and helped when I truly need it and it means the world. I have always tried to keep my family afloat in every way but knowing that I have help when I absolutely need it rocks my face off.

My son. This little man is the absolute coolest and most fun/challenging/loving/stubborn/outrageous/amazing kid and I am so blessed to be his Momma and to bear witness to his growth and childhood. Everything about him rocks my face off.

Boundaries. I’ve always been shitty about boundaries. Like didn’t know how to make them, keep them, enforce them, etc. I am slowly learning how to see where boundaries need to be made and how to create them in a healthy way. This is definitely a process for me but I think I am getting better at it. And knowing that boundaries is a form of self love is a huge way I’m rocking my own face off!

Good Doctors. Listen this is very important and something I am an expert on having been through the ringer with doctors for years with all the health problems I have. YOU MUST COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DOCTORS TRUTHFULLY AND FULLY and if they are not receptive of that and you feel they are not listening and respectful and HELPFUL then you must FIRE THEM and find someone that you vibe with. I MEAN THIS 100% and being poor is no excuse because I am a broke ass bitch and I still have a good ass doctor and team that I can trust to take me seriously and listen to me and know that I know my body and my own issues. Being in chronic pain all the GD time is no joke but having people to listen and understand that you know what you need and want ROCKS my face off. Grateful.

And now for the run down/short list. Here is a few things that rocked my face off that needs mentioned but I don’t have much to say about: Little Dude’s school (the Best for real), The Doggos, mowing, a car that works… mostly, deleting tick toc off my phone because I’m productive asf sometimes now, running water, cooler weather!!, COFFEEEEEEE, lunch dates with my OG and soul mate, a clean house, stargazing room freshen spray from Grove Collaborative, clean laundry, my hummingbirds, my new kick ass hawk tattoo, readers of Craughing like YOU. Thank you.