Cast in Craughing Land

Nico Harper Man Dawg Extraordinaire:

Nico is my 12 year old Australian Shepherd. He has saved my life in countless ways and in too many ways too count. There will never be enough words to describe my gratitude for this soulmate of

Josephine Pearl (Josie): Josie Girl is my 8 year old Australian Shepherd/Lab mix and keeps my Nico dog young and grumpy. She has turned out to be an amazing addition to my life as well as a fierce protector and gentle companion.

Little Dude aka Duder: My son. I cannot find the words to describe this wildling. He is everything.

My foster niece. This is my son’s cousin that lives with us. She is a sarcastic, smart, beautiful and intelligent 15 year old young woman that I love as if she were born from my own body. She may not be of my blood, but she is my chosen family and that’s all we’ve needed to make a home together.

KT. My go to friend in all of everything that is me. KT makes me laugh like no one else can, and we share more than most people should. She is also older than me… and that needed to be said.

Tiny Christ: My long distance ride or die friend. My awe inspiring, business savvy, build you up, give it a go friend. My life was instantly changed the moment I met her and I am so grateful.

The Fiesty Christ-y Crew: My spiritual healers, teachers, and friends. We summon the Fuckery Police like no other and offer the guidance, blessings and clearings only those truly called upon can.

Honorable mentions and frequent visitors and violators in Craughing Land:

Momma Jo (my Momma), The Good Brother, My Sister in Awesomeness (sister in law) The Twins (8 year old niece and nephew), RapCd (my niece that is my son’s age), MJ (my youngest niece), Moodswing Maverick (my son’s father), Natural Born Killer or NBK for short (psycho stalker dude I put in prison), Mr. Z. (My amazing attorney), B (counselor for my son), H (my and my foster niece’s counselor), and all of you… because now you’re a part of my story too.

And me.


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Craughing is the art of laughing and crying at the same time- here are a few of mine.

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