I wrote this for YOU

Your ego/pride will have you forgetting where you come from and where you’ve been… only interested in the immediate gratification of NOW and not thinking clearly or seeing clearly. It will have you thinking so little of yourself that you settle for half truths, half loves and half ass attempts at anything just to feel like you are swimming instead of sinking.  Ego and pride will have you forgetting everything you’ve learned, who you want to be, and everything in between for a one up that seems easier for a moment.

You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. You have overcome things, people and situations that lesser people couldn’t even imagine surviving.  You have offered yourself, your skin, your being for others time and time again, it is time you do the same for yourself.  Believe in yourself even one tenth as much as you believe in helping someone else and realize how truly fucking worthy you are of great and peaceful things.

There is immense joy in so many small things in life and you deserve every bit of it. You deserve so much because you are stronger than you know, more capable than you can imagine and life is beautiful when you let it.

I have known so many people in my life that are dark and destroyed beyond measure, you are not one of them. You deserve so much more,  please stop allowing your head to get in your way. Fear, ego and pride are liars.

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