Faceless Friday 2.5

Happy Friday Craughing World and welcome to another instalment of Faceless Friday. Here is where we take a look at what has rocked our faces off in the past week (or few) and share our gratitude. Let us begin.

Friends and Family coming in clutch. Always. Things have been rocky in Craughing World and I am grateful, always, for a solid support system that helps me when needed.

My kids being alive. Because God knows they are both trying to not be. The four year old is a ninja warrior that does everything in his power to break himself and the teenager is anorexic and is starving herself before my eyes. Every day I am thankful we have made it through another day of whatever hell/parenting shit show this is.

The Dogs. Because damn if I don’t need them the most when the days are oh so long and I just need some love.

More words on all the stuff are coming soon. I just have to sit and write them. Thank you for being here. You rock my face off.

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