Faceless Friday 2.4

Hi friends!! I know, I know, I make promises of this great return and then I disappear and then reappear, and let’s be honest, I will more than likely disappear again from time to time. Ten years of Craughing and I still cannot get my shit together! (I also have this giant fear of success so you know self sabotage is a bitch). Anyway!! Welcome back to another installment of Faceless Friday where I list out all the amazing things that have happened in the past week (or months in this case). Let’s go!

Red Flags and Boundaries like a MoFo: I am a bull in a china shop, and the china shop only has red dishes and I am in love with all things red and breaking all of the dainty things and stumbling and fumbling through the aisles of life and the endless opportunities of saving even one small minuscule piece of fine china. That’s how I would describe my past self-Easily. BUT NOT ANYMORE!! Now I wander through the door and see the shop for what it is and high tail it the fuck out of the shop as fast as I can and barely get a scratch on me! And that is basically what I have been doing since October. I’m not going to lie, I may stay in the doorway a little longer than I should, but I do leave, and for that I am grateful. This has had me closing doors on a job I loved, (but had toxic management) and leaving a possible love connection (the first in FOUR years!) and patting myself on the back for finally recognizing people for their actions and not just their words. May I continue to grow and flourish in this arena.

My Children. Yes, I said children, as in multiple. As you may recall I have one biological child (a ninja warrior 4 year old son) and a niece (kinda) that was placed with me by DCS in August of 2019 that is now 16. Well… as of Monday she is officially mine! Forever mine! Three years of courts, bio parents, struggles and heartbreaks and we can finally close that chapter for her and say that she will never have to leave this home, or me. Having a daughter rocks my face off 😉 and my son is pretty okay most of the time too.

The Doggos. I had to clean up puke and poop when I woke up, and honestly I don’t even care today because it means they are still with me, even if they are getting old as fuck and Josie Girl has a tummy ache from eating fresh cut grass. These two have been with me for so long and through so much that I fully embrace each day I have with them at this point, especially the old man Nico as grey as we both are, he is still the absolute best decision I ever made. He opened my heart so wide and so much that I would never be the person I am today without him and I am so very grateful for his and Josie’s love. (And patience with the above mentioned ninja warrior son)

And because I have mom stuff to do and coffee to drink I am gonna wrap this up (only took three hours to pound this out). Here is a short list of all the “small” things that rocked my face off this week off, but don’t be mistaken all the small things in life add up to abundance! Coffee!! specifically my favorite cinnamon hazelnut coffee, food, a mower that works!, yard work, music (always and forever), friendships, family, a good mattress, a badass heated blanket and a great hot pad, a doctor that listens to me, birds that have returned, lilacs ready to bloom, noodles, cheese, patience, learning, Johnny Depp, and YOU dear reader, YOU rock my face off. Thank you for being here. Much love!

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