Faceless Friday 2.1

Faceless Friday!!! Oh how I have missed sitting down and sharing my gratitude! Incase you are new here, Faceless Friday is where we dig down deep, and sometimes not so deep to find those things that rocked our faces off in the past week. The following are what rocked my face off this past week:

My son. We are still working on his nickname. I like to call him Duder. He says he likes being called Mister Man. He will be 4 in November. I said I will call him both and a lot of other names throughout his life, that made him giggle. He is the most challenging, amazing, funny and adorable kid ever. I can say that because this is my blog and I am allowed to be biased in my own blog. He likes to start his days by stripping down naked running outside laughing like a maniac and pissing outside while I yell at him. He also tells me secrets, those can either be sweet kisses or burps. I never knew I could have children. I was actually told that I would not have children then BOOM baby at 37… and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude at every turn that even saying that doesn’t seem to touch on how my heart could actually (probably) explode if I allow the full amount of gratitude to swell in my chest.

Home. I have had a home now for close to four years and all though I am renting I am so very grateful for this old farm house, for watching my son learn to walk here, for the space it allows us to run free. I am grateful that it offered my Dad a place to pass on Hospice. I am grateful it has allowed my son’s cousins a safe haven when their mom failed them. I am grateful for it’s character, it’s history, that I can plant what I want and do what I want as if it were my own and for the huge ass lawn I get to mow. For real. As a single momma sometimes my only quiet time has been while mowing and it has been a God send. I am grateful for the safety it has provided me . I am grateful for my amazing neighbors and I am grateful for my amazing landlords. To say I lucked out on this place would be an understatement.

Dogs. You know this can’t be a Faceless Friday without adding the Beasts in!! Nico Harper Man Dawg Extraordinaire is still going strong… and grey! I will update pictures as soon as I can! I have no idea how this old man is going to be 12 in November and still manages to wrestle with Josie Girl Dog…. every damn day… all the time. And no, his attitude towards her hasn’t changed. It’s still love/hate even 8 years later. Even Josie Girl is getting grey! I blame the kids. It can’t be because of our hard living up until the last 4 years… couldn’t be that. Regardless they are doing well. They are both still assholes and still very loving and very patient and I am still so very grateful they convinced me all those years ago to chose life.

Short List and Honorable Mentions: Lunch dates, breakfast dates, making it a full week of dropping Mister Man off at school without me cracking and running out with him in tow, COFFEE and hazelnut creamer, a mower that works and kicks ass, my wildflower garden beds looking ah-mazing, big ass sunflowers, the kindness of children, having enough supplies to get through the rest of the month cause Momma is broke, finally feeling free, getting back into writing and getting Craughing back up and running and…. YOU dear reader. YOU rock my face off, please stick around and keep coming back I have a lot I want to share with you and a lot of ideas brewing, but first I’m gonna go mow my yard. Thanks for rocking my face off and enjoying this weeks Faceless Friday. Much love!

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