Faceless Friday: Part 127

It’s Friday, let us celebrate by having a Faceless Friday!! Faceless Friday is where I list out all of the things that rocked my face off in the past week.  I have to be honest, I’m not feeling the best, and I think I just want to do a list this week instead of details…. Cause… well I can.  So here it goes:

Coffee, hazelnut creamer, forgiveness, not being in a shallow dead end relationship, not being in a relationship at all, finding my voice (and using it), pens, paper, time to draw and create, my family, my friends, dog hair on EVERYTHING, because that means I have my Beasts with me, music, new music, ideas, thoughts that form goals, internet access, a bed, Netflix, antibiotics, a Tribe, sunshine, moonshine and soulshine, the stars, good books, finding my core again, laughter, The Twins, big plans, destroying the blocks that hold me back, new sunglasses!!, the generosity and understanding I receive so often from my loved ones, reaching personal goals (and rocking the shit outta them), melatonin, and you dear Craughers, for still being here.

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