Faceless Friday: Part 125

I used to wake up early every Friday morning and write Faceless Friday, and then someone got my words twisted, or got their feelings hurt, or something, so I just sort of faded out of it, and for that I am sorry, because I know better than to let other people dictate how I feel, react, or what I share with all of you.   See, a lot of people that are no longer in my life still read my blog, and so sometimes it is hard to say what I feel because I don’t really want those people knowing what I am doing day to day (or at all)… but you, dear Craughers, you I want to share with, so I have decided that those people don’t have that control anymore. (Sorry it takes me so long to figure life stuff out sometimes). So, without further ado, here is this week’s list of things that ROCKED MY FACE OFF:

A sense of courage, and a warrior mentality.  Both of these have gotten me through many obstacles in my life and provided me with a lot of really great memories.  As many of you know I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower spine area and have been fighting with that for years (and really battling it for the last six months).  Last Wednesday I had six injections put into that area, not for the weak by the way, and was still able to go to a concert/show/day festival last Saturday with my family.  I am grateful that I did not let those injections, or my back, rob me of that experience because it was pretty amazing.

My Family.  I am bound and determined to find the right words that describe my good brother and his wife in awesome…  These two are so often my sanity, solace, and foundation that I will never be able to fully express my gratitude.  We cannot chose who are family is, but if we could, I would chose them EVERY time.

The Twins.  The TWINS ARE TWOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Sunday was their birthday and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it.  Watching these two grow from their little tiny newborn state, to two very willful and energetic kiddos is amazing.  They have brought such a sense of wonder and light into my life that I am forever grateful for.  Nothing means more to me than to be able to explore the world with them.  They make me want to be a better person, the kind of person they know will always be here for them no matter what, with unconditional love, KINDNESS and support.  Being an Aunt really has rocked my face off, and rocked me to the core. So blessed!

Work.  As in I am working on stuff, and finding my way into the world with some art.  Here is the latest piece I did and it was a very therapeutic and joyous moment for me when I finished it.  The One I Feed is based on the old Indian story about which wolf to feed.

Sometimes I draw and stuff....
Sometimes I draw and stuff….

Friendship.  Maybe it is because I haven’t put my gratitude into words very much lately, but I am at a loss on how to explain what my friends mean to me.  These are the people that will stop everything to listen to me cry, my worries, and my fears.  These are also the people that will stop at nothing to make me laugh, make me feel secure and remind me that I am loveable.   Without my friendships I would be so lost. You ALL rock my face off!

And now for the short list because I am going to do some real life stuff today (maybe): Coffee, hazelnut creamer, MUSIC!!!!, the internet love for my artwork, my Momma Jo, The Beasts (even though Nico broke the cardinal rule of being a pet this past weekend), a place to sleep, blankets, the lady at the post office that always helps me keep my mailings under budget (she’s so awesome!), warm summer nights and moonshine (like the actual moon… shining), meditation, believing in self and others, sweatpants, men’s razors and deodorant (because both are WAY better than ladies… wtf is up with that!?), Craugher Bruce C. for always having nice and support words even if I don’t want to hear them J, water, being able to go barefoot, but still having shoes, not living in my car, having a car, this beautiful life even if I have no clue where it is headed, and YOU Craughers for your patience, understanding, and for still sticking around.


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