Faceless Friday: Part 124

I’ve been so busy being Miss Fancy Pants, that I haven’t written a Faceless Friday for weeks! Please forgive me, and know that even if my gratitude isn’t written down it is still happening, every day! So, without further ado here is Faceless Friday, where we list out all of the things that have rocked my face off this past week (or in this case the last month or so).

Family. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with how many blessings I have been given by my family lately.  The Twins (my niece and nephew) have been visiting with me a lot lately, and having two energetic and vibrant almost two year olds running around makes me really stop and appreciate how family shapes a child.  My niece likes to push her nose up really close to mine and we stare at each other and laugh. We laugh a lot.  My nephew likes to run around the yard and see if his Aunt is following (which I am, broken back and all) and we too laugh. We stop and look at flowers, and talk about colors, and learn new words and how to say “bless you” after sneezing.  We throw balls for the dogs and clap and celebrate when they catch them.  Stopping and appreciating the world through the eyes of some two year olds is one of the biggest blessings I have ever received, and I am truly grateful for that opportunity.

But wait there is more!!

My amazing Good Brother blesses me almost daily with new insights, observations, and videos to help me keep going towards my awakening. Having someone to talk about such things with is pretty amazing and awesome… and to top it off he married the sweetest most amazing woman ever, and she is constantly reminding me that I am her sister, and that she is here for me as well.  She even brings me dinner when I am whining about craving certain things, and that’s pretty damn awesome.  I am so grateful for these two that I really have no words to explain it.  Their support and belief in me means the world to me, and I am absolutely grateful for their love.  My Momma has also been a rock lately as I have been going here and there for doctor appointments and injections for this old crumbly back of mine.  I know that she hates seeing her daughter in pain, but it’s still nice to have my Momma when I need her.

Courage. Last month, with the encouragement from family and friends, I launched a new page for my art work. It has been nerve wracking, humbling, and exciting all at once, but I am doing it.  I am drawing daily (for the most part) AND have even SOLD some of my stuff! I am in shock and awe at all of it, and grateful that I took that leap.  Even if nothing ever really comes of it, I can say that I put myself out there, and that people actually enjoyed some of my things. (www.adorasoul.com in case you were wondering).

Friends. I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!! Seriously. They make me laugh every day, and bless me in so many ways that I cannot name them all.  These people remind me, every day, that I am a loveable and powerful woman that is not limited to this chronic pain or this situation.  Everyone in chronic pain should be reminded, like I am, that we are still a person and that we are not defined by what our bodies limitations are. Also laughter is STILL the best medicine.

The Beasts. No Faceless Friday can be complete without the mention of my fur babies.  Nico Harper is now the new tick King, but is ever so patient and lovey dovey when I am pulling the little suckers out of his 5 inch hair (don’t worry he is also treated with meds), and Josie Girl is getting more cuddley every day and in general is one of the best dogs EVER.  The three of us also went on a great adventure the other day and I got to watch both of them swim and play in some creeks.  Seeing joy on your pets faces is priceless and I am so grateful that they keep me going every day.

And now for the short list because all of this gushing is getting longer and longer:

COFFEE (my forever love), epidural injections that ACTUALLY allow me to feel my right leg again after months of it just being there), new ink and pen tips for my art stuff (Thank you TinyChrist), good smelling shampoo and my favorite soap, men’s razors (because they really are better), good morning messages, feeling freedom for the first time in YEARS, finding my inner Goddess and actually taking care of her, not having a broken heart, toothpicks, the lady at Staples that seems to care about my copies more than I do, meditation, breathing, not having to use a cane this week (woot woot), new friendships and being reminded that there are still amazing, generous and beautiful people in this world. AND YOU dear Craughers for always being here, for seeing my struggles and saying “Me TOO!” and riding this ride with me. YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!


list because all of this gushing is getting longer and longer:

g “Me TOO!” and riding this ride with me. YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!

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