Faceless Friday: Part 123

I have been singing Little Bunny Foo Foo to Josie all morning… and it’s really pissing me off. Why is Little Bunny Foo Foo in the FOREST scooping up field mice!? Shouldn’t she be in the FIELD? That is like saying not my monkeys, not my circus. Ever seen monkeys at a circus? No? Maybe a damn ZOO!? Anyway, Josie thinks she is Little Bunny Foo Foo because she has been chasing field mice (IN A FIELD) all morning. As far as I can tell she never catches them, so I’m okay with all of it… except for the song…. And I will now sing it wrong forever and ever.

Also it is time for Faceless Friday and I’m exhausted thinking about gratitude this morning.  Seems my psyche is working out some shit in my dreams and it leaves me feeling pretty vulnerable in the morning. I suppose that is all healing though, so coffee cup cheers to getting healthier and knowing how much I have to be grateful for. So without further ado, here is what rocked my face off this past week:

Family.  My Good Brother and His Wife in Awesome are some of the best cheerleaders I have. They never let me forget that they think I am pretty dang special, and that is just the encouragement I need most days.  I’m also super grateful for Momma Jo and her love and of course The Twins in all their talking glory.  My Niece says Nico as Nino and that is pretty damn cute… and I know everyone says this, but she is way beyond where she should be vocabulary wise as a 1.5 year old. I’m grateful to have them all and to have gotten this chance to spend some time with them.  Never doubt going back to your roots, even for a short while, to be reminded of where you have come from and what you have already accomplished.

Friends. I have basically been in bed since December 10th, and yet I still have these friends that want to hear about my troubles, my pains, my woes.  I usually do not respond to questions about how I am feeling, or what I am going through, but this lot never lets that pass. Even if it is me complaining they want to hear it, and encourage me, and love me.  I am grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you.   And thank you for caring about me so much that it doesn’t matter what state my body is in.

I even get gems like this..
I even get gems like this..

The Beasts! Josie is turning into a super awesome dog, even if she is in her teenage angst years right now. We have been working on her leash skills and she is doing awesome, she also listens way better than her brother Nico… who used to be the best trained dog in the world until I ruined him with all of my love.  They are my best cuddle buddies and I love waking up to them every day. I am so grateful that when life knocks me backwards I still have these two to get me up.  They make me laugh every day and that is something to be damn grateful for.

Art work, keeping busy, and goals.  It is important for me to create every day, not only for my sanity, but for my goals.  I am grateful to those that encourage me, critic me and hire me. Thank you.

And now for the short list:

Coffee, hazelnut creamer, shaving my legs for the first time since…. October?, awesome sister in law faxing things for me, surprise candy bars, people to make me laugh every day, good morning messages and encouragement, knowing that I am not alone, good colored pencils, good medicines, knowing that I am a horrible pot smoker (the worst!), sunshine and high vibrations, and YOU my dear readers, Thank you Craughers.  Look for a new blog post soon!


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