Faceless Friday: Part 122

Today is a big day in Craughing Land, not only is it Friday, and the FIRST day of Spring, it is also the GOOD BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY!!! WOOT! WOOT!!!  So, that is why I have dusted off this here laptop. It is time for some gratitude, some updates, and a shout out to my brother. Let us begin.

The Good Brother.   I started writing another blog for the Good Brother yesterday, but then I found the one I had already written, so I am sharing it here again.  It all still rings true, and maybe even more so with each passing day and year.  I am SO GRATEFUL for my brother and I will never be able to capture that in words.  He is my rock and my sounding board, and my friend when things are crazy with the rest of the family.  He is truly my oldest friend and the best living guy I know. With all of my love, you my brother, rock my face off.

Friends.  I am thankful for supporting, loving and understanding friends.  The ones that can look at my life and say “Yes, I see where you went wrong there, but that bitch still be cray cray.”  Sometimes you need to hear that you did all you could do, and even though you made a few wrong turns (or a thousand) REAL friends still have your back no matter what. You all rock my face off.

The Beasts. Josie Girl and I have been working on her leash training (finally) and she is doing AWESOME and really is turning into a great dog and not just a cute 1 year old pup.  Nico remains my steadfast and I am so grateful for his cuddles and love.  He senses when my back is flaring up and takes it easy on me, and lays on top of me, and basically says “It’s okay momma, just lay here”.  I had no idea that my heart could run so fast, jump so high, and eat so much food.

Miracles.  Last year I put out a call for miracles and I received an abundance.  I think that has stopped me from asking for more miracles this year. I mean how many times can one ask for help, make the same stupid choices, then ask again to get bailed out of said stupid choices?  The answer is all the time, forever, because really that is life, and we are all growing and learning. Some (me) take longer to learn lessons than others.  So, my dear friends, I am asking for miracles again, beyond the guilt of making the same dumb choice, beyond the guilt of not being able to repay anyone at this time… I am asking for good things to come. I need a miracle or three.

All right, let us wrap this up. I have some artsy stuff to do. Here is the short list:

COFFEE (It has always been you), hazelnut creamer, finding 5 star dog food for less cost than 2.5 star dog food, laughter, being able to walk, good music, healing my heart, working my program and the steps (step 4 is a real biotch all), good morning messages and humor, clean clothes if I ever decide to get dressed, knowing what boundaries are and seeing when they are being violated (this is HUGE for me), missing my old house and letting those feelings happen, a cell phone, internet connection, shows to watch when I can’t do anything else, finishing up projects, having some goals, and YOU dear Craughers, for being here for me through all of these ups and downs for the past 3 years. YOU have made a huge difference in my life and I am GRATEFUL.


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