Faceless Friday: Part 120

Hello dear hearts, it is time for Faceless Friday, where I list out all of the things that rocked my face off this past week.  Things have been a bit rocky here in Craughing Land, but I am hopeful that there is smooth sailing on the horizon.  Let us begin.

Dreadlocks.  Yes, you read that right. Dreadlocks… because that is what is going on with my hair now. DREADLOCKS! They are a part of this spiritual voyage I am taking, and I am so very pleased with them. A HUGE thank you to my friend TinyChrist for slaving away at them and for making me feel good about my choice. Also another shout out to her for being here for me in ALL of the ways and helping me stay grounded, focused, and heard.  You my dear ROCK MY FACE OFF in every way. Thank you.

Learning.  Not only about others, but about myself. Realizing that sociopaths are my mate of choice and learning how I attract them and how to avoid them.  This should be an interesting journey, and one that has been needed since I was about 13.  Let us all take a deep breath and send all good positive vibes that I indeed stop attracting these people and that I learn enough about myself to heal whatever brings them knocking. Amen.

FAMILY. I have the coolest most fucked up family ever (says everyone) and I am damn proud to call them mine.  They rally for me and around me every time and for that I am so grateful.  They make sure I know how loveable that I am and that I am always needed in life.  I am in awe of the support that I receive and am so grateful. THANK YOU.

Friends.  Last week I think I mentioned that a few dark nights asked me calling out for help… I am so grateful for those that have rushed to my side and my sanity, reminding me of my responsibilities and reminding me of what is NOT my responsibilities.  And also LAUGHTER.  Thank you all for loving me, helping me, listening to me, and helping me to see what a pisser life can be.

The BOX Mentality.  A dear Craugher explained to me that we all have these boxes and what is in OUR box is OUR responsibility. It is not our job to mess around in other people’s stuff and try to help them organize it or whatnot… just as it is not their job to mess around in ours.  If we tend to our boxes we will find that we have plenty to keep us occupied and focused on the life we want and deserve.  This is mind blowing to me because I am super codependent girl and all though I have read all of the recovery books and done all of the work, I needed it broken down like this to help me focus. THANK YOU!!!! Also another huge shout out to Craugher Bruce C. for always having insight, understanding and kind words. Thank you sir.

The Beasts.  These two furry love bugs keep me laughing and wanting better.  They remind me that I am loved absolutely and that no matter what physical disaster looms in my horizon I will have these two to keep me moving. And if I end up in a wheelchair I’m gonna teach them how to pull me around. Working dogs are happy dogs.

Okay, now for the short list cause real life and whatnot:

Figuring out the TRUTH… ALL of it… maybe a little late, but I know now. Things I was never meant to know…. Silly fucking people.

Coffee, good morning messages, hearing that I am beautiful again, having a solid plan, reverse phone lookup, throwing other people’s shit back into their own box, pain meds, ice packs, clean laundry and good food, knowing I’m not the only fool in the world, good books, and YOU dear Craughers for chugging along with me. YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!!


ALSO TODAY IS MY BLOGAVERSARY!! 3 years today. Wow… we’ve been through it all. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING, SHARING and CARING!! ❤


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