Faceless Friday: Part 117

Usually when I write I do so at a table, this evening I have decided to write Faceless Friday in bed. Josie Pup does not appreciate my typing and has tried to take over three times already. Yes, three times two sentences in.  I wonder if she knows about Nico’s Facebook page yet? Maybe she should get on that instead of all up on this here laptop. Maybe she could teach him how to spell.  Maybe she needs her own creative outlet so she can back up off mine. What if Josie is the most philosophical dog in the entire world and we never know because I won’t let her use my laptop?

Well now that that weight is crushing me, let’s go ahead and lighten the load with some gratitude. It is time for Faceless Friday, and yes I am posting it on Thursday night because I am a fucking rebel and stuff and make up my own rules… you know for my own blog, and posts and for mentioned stuff. So, without further ado here is what has rocked my face off in the past few weeks. Let us begin.

The most philosophical dog in the entire world and her cuddly sidekick.  Every night when I come home I get to sit down and have two beasts love on me and tell me in their dog ways how much they love and miss me. The amount of comfort and love I get from these two is beyond words, and I am damn grateful.  I am especially grateful now that the weather has turned that Nico prefers to lay on my side and Josie on my feet when we sleep. Dog warmth can’t be beat and being that surrounded by fur and love is pretty damn special. They also got me the BEST card the other day about how much they love me and how I am their pack leader (even though I think that part is a lie) and that’s something that completely rocked my face off.

Working all of the work.  I have two jobs. By day I am a customer focused force of awesome at a home improvement store, and by night I am a stabby stab girl doing piercings at my friend’s tattoo shop. I am every woman. Roar. (Or purr really because I am too tired most days to roar).  Most days my back is completely out and I am in more pain then I would ever want to mention, but I am still so damn grateful. SO. DAMN. GRATEFUL. I get to work a full time job that is allowing me to save money and buy the things I need to pursue my dreams of being a tattoo artist, while also working in a tattoo shop with the best people ever. AND I have done three small tattoos. Like actually put ink into flesh tattoos. I’m not saying they are good, but they are a start and I have no words to express what that means to me. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the people teaching me that it’s overwhelming. Being overwhelmed by gratitude is pretty awesome (and new) and I hope that I prove to be worth the investment.

The Fixer. Ah… you guys have been wondering where he has been haven’t you? (I know you have because I do read my messages!) He is here. After a rocky summer and some crazy shenanigans he has decided to get sober, and I have reintroduced myself to all of the codependent recovery lessons again.  It has been difficult for both of us to admit the problems he faces being an alcoholic and what that means for me as a codependent, but I am happy to report we are both working hard at recovery and taking it all one day at time.  GRATEFUL.

Okay, Josie is now trying to eat the mouse for the laptop so I best wrap this up. So here is the short list for the last week or so:

COFFEE (my life blood, my hero, my love), hazelnut creamer, sweet texts in the morning, food, a warm place to sleep, anything that makes my back not feel like I should be in a wheelchair, allergy meds, the most amazing friends ever (seriously, ever), being able to wake up to my alarm at 4 every morning, Stress Relief stuff from Bath and Body Works, Epson Salts, The Fixer staying up with Josie all night when she was having a bad reaction to her pain medications so I could sleep, not having hives today, the word “feminist” because at least it starts a dialogue, The Twins, money for gas in Mable (still so grateful for a car, and still so amazed by it), knowing when to let go and move on, understanding, learning new things, drawing things, new music, quite, being inspired, meeting new people, good deodorant, comfortable shoes, not so comfortable (cute) shoes, good shampoo and conditioner, support and encouragement, and all of YOU dear Craughers for still hanging on strong through all of my journey. Thank you.

Also, I would like to send a special prayer and love shout out to my dear friend Laura. You are loved.


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