Faceless Friday: Part 116

My brain hurts from processing all of the awesome that happened last night (and the drinks) but I am going to throw together this Faceless Friday like my life depends on it, because really my life DOES depend on gratitude. So, here is this week’s Faceless Friday, where I list out all of the things that ROCKED my face OFF in the past week.

Kindness. All of the kindness, the true kindness, the type that actually comes from the soul and sort of gushes out all over the place. THAT. Last night I went to an amazing concert and had this kindness happen to me. Some older gentleman paid for a t-shirt for me. I was standing at the merch table to talk to the lady working it and he paid for a shirt for me and walked away. He just walked away. I have never had something like that happen and I am still a bit in awe over it. I wish I could say that I paid it forward right away, but broke girls have to get creative when it comes to paying it forward. SO FREAKING AWESOME and inspiring. Also I was total fan girl last night and took a drawing I made to the band and they were super cool about it and kind. All of that is still rocking my face off.

Friendship. I am so grateful I have people I can actually count on. Like I know they will be there, are reliable and nice, and care for me regardless of whatever else is going on. I am especially grateful for my friend that went to the show last night because she totally stayed up way past her bedtime and then hung around with me so I could talk to people. Pretty sure she even froze a little bit too… oh and when a hippy doused her with some incense she took it in stride, but I am still laughing about it.

Codependency.  I am putting this on this list every week until I feel like maybe I am in recovery again.  Codependency is hard, taxing, and exhausting. E X H A U S T I N G… like probably more exhausting than the 14 hour days I have been pulling with the two jobs… BUT there is hope and I have it, and I know that I can work through all of it and learn, once again, to take care of myself and my happiness. I cannot control the actions of others. It is not my job. (Repeat, repeat, repeat) I have the tools I need to recover, and I will, because I want to and because the rest of my life depends on it.

Art. I am not as good at art as I want to be, but I am trying every day and that rocks my face off, because well, putting yourself out there is hard, especially with all of the ways for people to see it and tell you if they hate it or love it. So, following my dreams is rocking my face off. You can check out some of my stuff on Instagram (@craughing) if you would like.

Now time for the short list because real life girl stuff and whatnot:

A place to live, The Beasts (bless their whiney, hyper active little hearts), a bed, a new haircut and some color, men’s deodorant because apparently women’s doesn’t work for me anymore since I am getting older, my family and love letters from Momma Jo, caffeine (ALL OF THE CAFFEINE), a new job that will help me get closer to my goals (even if I have to get up at 3:30 in the damn morning), and all of you dear Craughers for always loving me, and always reading. ❤ Much love!


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