Faceless Friday: Part 114

Happy Friday all! It is time once again for Faceless Friday and as tiring as this week has been on me emotionally and spiritually, I know, and you know, there are always things to be grateful about.  I was told that I post too much personal stuff on Craughing, and that makes people question what is going on in my life.  So, just to clarify sometimes I post things I think others will like, but yes the majority of the time I post things that I feel, find funny, or just plain like.  If you do not like what is being said you have every right to NOT look at what I have to say. Or you know, you could always go with the tried and true, don’t be a dick method.

So here we go…. Let us find the gratitude.

Friendship.  This year has been one train wreck after another and I am so very blessed that I have people that stand by me and with me, and just generally encourage me to keep going… because there are times when I want to quit. Sometimes I want to quit so damn bad.  But there are people that LOVE me in this world, all of me, every dark corner and lighted beam of me. For you I am grateful. For you I am alive. For you I thank you and express my gratitude in all the ways I can. Thank you for being my friends and my family.

A goal.  I have a goal and I think for the very first time in my life I am going to stick it out because I believe in it so much.  That is scary, and I might fail, but I could also live the life I was meant to. So I flipped a coin and I am moving forward.

Musicians.  BLESS YOU MUSICIANS! Thank you for lending me your words and your rhythms to heal my heart, and my body.

The Beasts.  Josie has finally found empathy and it was a beautiful night of cuddling and crying. Nico stood guard. And we were one. 

And now lets do this short list thing so I can get out there and live:

Coffee, coke, gas money, sleep (finally), phone calls, late night check-ups, candles, incense, a new mission statement, love, light and clean air.  And YOU Craughers. Here we go again, please enjoy this ride with me.


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