Faceless Friday: Part 113

It’s a cold dreary day in Craughingland, and I LOVE IT! (I don’t love that all of my warm clothes are in storage two states away, but the weather… makes my heart sing). So, it’s Friday again, and that can only mean one thing here in Craughingland. FACELESS FRIDAY. Let’s see what all rocked my face off this past week.

Health. It has been almost a year since I started all of my “new” meds and they are still helping. I am so excited to be able to get out of bed and walk without all of the pain that I tend to break out dancing in celebration. I know I will always have pain, but having it managed so that I can function as a person, well THAT rocks my face off. And in celebration I went and did a tour of a gym yesterday. WHAT!? Oh and I am now on a kickball league…. Let us let that sink in for a minute. Kick. Ball. League.

Working on my Skillzzz. All of them. All 892 skills. I’m working on. All of that was an exaggeration, but I have been drawing more and that makes me happy. I also get to put jewelry in people’s bodies for money, so that’s sweet (mostly). It feels really good to be working in a place with friends, and where I can just be me… That rocks my face off.

The Beasts. I especially like that The Beasts know the terms: bed, nap, fuck off, and… well that’s it. And I typically only tell them to fuck off in jest. Typically. Josie Pup isn’t so much a pup anymore and weighs exactly one pound less than her brother Nico Man Dog. They are quite the pair and I honestly am so glad and grateful that I get to love them.

Everything else remains exactly the same, so here is the short list of things that rocked my face off this week:
Coffee (forever and ever and ever and ever), Coke, new tattoos, being pretty okay at what I do, getting better at what I want to get better at, forgiveness and expressing that, knowing when to keep my mouth shut and carry on, sweatshirts, a warm bed, planting things, eating things (especially Tator-Tot Casserole, as in this very second), not knowing how to spell casserole until spell check told me and being okay with that, and YOU dear Craughers. THANK YOU!!!


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