I am a woman.

I have been struggling again with my identity. This has been the most constant and persistent struggle in my life. I have so many parts of me, so many depths, so many aspects that I rarely have any idea which to show to the world.
I am a hippy, loving all things, surrounding myself with light, love and laughter. Supporting causes that in turn support us. I am free spirit, long dress wearing, and all natural awe and inspiration.
I am rock and roll nit’and grit. I am black eyeliner wearing, take no shit and be strong in every situation and show the world what strength in black looks like. I am listen to the music loud and “fuck the world” mentality.
I am rock’a’billy. I am red-lipstick wearing, old style dress wearing, look at what a woman I am free and clear. I am dress like you mean it and show the world how beautiful I am deserving of respect and freedom. I am tattoo sporting, a few piercing shining, bright and glory filled.
I am redneck in tattered jeans and mud to my knees natural and pure. I am grow everything from the Earth and take the big truck mud bogging down the river bank inspiring. I am shoot a gun, carry a knife, and be one of the boys wielding feminism and light.
I am a daughter. I am an Aunt. I am a girlfriend. I am a friend. I am a sister.
I am a survivor. I am a WARRIOR.
I struggle with the world, and what to do about it. I struggle with all of the weight of being a taker when I want to be a leaver. I struggle with being a seductress and a woman afraid of her own sexuality. I struggle with what make-up to wear, or if I should wear any. I struggle with what message to send, and what message I am sending. I struggle with how many layers I actually have, and how superficial I can be at times.

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