Faceless Friday: Part 112

Hey, it is Friday…. Let’s do some Faceless Friday gratitude.


First let me update you on all the Craughingland moves and mishaps. I moved a total of 4 times in ONE WEEK. I think this is my new record… and I hope one I never have to break. So… after staying with the good brother for a while I came to visit my Beasts and The Fixer up North and decided to stay.  As in hearts mended, forgiveness given, and love shared STAY.  Morning coffee cup cheers to being home.

So… that is that in a nutshell. Of course I could go into more details, but I am just going to let it all go and be happy. I do deserve that. So let’s get started on this Faceless Friday! It has been way too long!!

The Beasts- Josie Pup turned one last week and for her birthday I took her on a road trip with me. She did amazing and is really becoming quite the dog. Her personality is so different from Nico’s that it still throws me sometimes, but she is such a blessing.  Both dogs are very happy to be with The Fixer and in a clean and calm home again.  Other than the comforter being a chew toy while I was in the shower the other day things are good.

Work- So I had a job back home that I loved but decided that my family and love were more important than a job. This caused ripples of course because somewhere in our culture we have decided that to be happy is selfish (it isn’t). So here I am working at the tattoo shop again (YAY!!) and now I am a piercer. I get to adorn bodies with metal and learn about bodies and people. I am grateful to have work and being their rocks my face off!

Friendship- It has been a rough road as of late determining who actually cares and who is just plain nuts. I am grateful for the people that have always stood by me and loved me regardless of their own judgments. I am blessed by an amazing crew and humbled by their love.

Family- Can you imagine having someone in your family float in and out of you home on whims? I’m that girl. I am the floater, my gypsy heart is strong, and I am in a constant state of “Where to stay”. Thank all that is GOOD and LOVING for my family always being there to show me love and offer me peace.  I am grateful, beyond measure, for The Good Brother and His Wife in Awesome for offering me their home and making me a space so that I could find some sanity. Words cannot express how much your love and acceptance of all that is me means to me. THANK YOU.

Okay, let’s get on with this day and do the short list:

COFFEE, learning new things, finding music that makes my soul sing, new books that are life changing, jewelry, safety, quietness, cell phone service, knowing when people are mad at themselves and not really me, dog hair on ALL OF THE THINGS, cuddling, dinner with The Fixer, camping, walking, meds that work, finally closing chapters that should have been closed ions ago, forgiveness, strength, and of course YOU dear Craughers for sticking around even when you didn’t know what was going on either. THANK YOU!!


One thought on “Faceless Friday: Part 112”

  1. There is one promise “In this life there will be trouble”. Life is a daily struggle, there always seems to be a new normal and as it changes and we are forced to find our peace we do have to roll with it. When you have those periods of joy, like being back at the tattoo shop, embrace them and yay for you! My thoughts, wishes, prayers for you are peace in your heart and mind and that life treats you kind. Your family are where it’s at, being of an “older persuasion” it’s the one take away I have from difficult periods in my life, they are the ones who are always there. Take good care of you and your fur babies, enjoy the long weekend!


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