Faceless Friday: Part 111

I realized yesterday that I didn’t post a faceless Friday last week.  I’m not even going to be upset that no one else noticed either. Life be busy and all. But busy or not there is and should always be time for gratitude.   So lets do this! (Also I’m typing this out on my phone so if it sucks blame samsung.)

Fickle Feelings. My old counselor used to tell me about how feelings are fickle… she told me that for about three years. I finally got it one day when I realized I didn’t have to be a slave to my feelings and that just because I had a feeling or emotion that didn’t mean I had to act on it. Because feelings change… because feelings are energy and you can let them flow until they don’t control you, because feelings are fucking fickle. I’m grateful to know that. I’m grateful that I can sit, even if the feelings are uncomfortable and know that I can make good choices not dictated by energy. 

Worky Work. I sorta really love my job and getting to talk to people all day. What’s even cooler is now I’m at that age where I don’t even fake nice. You either deserve my respect or you dont, and that typically depends on how you treat me. So yay that!

Seeing through a lot of bullshit. Today I am grateful at how many times I’ve hurt or been manipulated in the past… cause it makes it that much easier to not play along with that bullshit now.

Okay I have these three little dudes running around wanting some attention so I’m going to get busy staring at them. And yeah that makes me the best babysitter ever.

Short list: feeling like puking but not actually puking, coffee,  pay checks,  new razor blades, Netflix,  love, friendship, laughter and all of YOU!


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