Faceless Friday: Part 110

Good morning dear Craughers! It is Friday again, so it is time for Faceless Friday. Here is where we list out all of the awesome that has rocked our faces off in the past week. This week I am only going to do the short list because I have real life girl things to do (like spend my PAYCHECK!!!) OMG I got paid today!! So here it goes:

Coffee, hazelnut creamer, paychecks, The Beasts, The Twins (seriously being an Aunt is ah-mazing), toads in the flower box, music, The Good Brother and his wife in Awesome, Momma Jo, air freshners, candles, a comfortable bed, blankets, insurance covering ALL of my prescription costs this time around, sunglasses, clean hair, not getting poison ivy even though I basically wrestled a shit ton of it to it’s death yesterday, a CAR, having gas money, my JOB, the way Josie pup has become a cuddler, no one noticing (or at least saying anything) about me forgetting to brush my teeth yesterday (WHAT!? I got distracted!), not completely having a meltdown when I saw a snake in the yard… I’m not even kidding when I say even typing that word gives me the willies, sweet phone calls, laughter, texts, cell phone service, having dog food, knowing that I am working and going to be okay, Skype dates that actually go well, clean clothes, my momma saying my pants are starting to look baggy, bright green staff shirts, converse shoes, having girl dates planned, hot water and long showers, deodorant, the kiddos I watch on Friday mornings, and YOU dear Craugher, for taking the time to read all of this ramble jamble of a short list. Thank you for being here, for encouraging me and for coming a long for the ride. YOU rock my face off!


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