Faceless Friday: Part 109

Can you guys believe I have posted 109 Faceless Fridays? That in itself rocks my face off. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!! <—– best info’mercial voice EVA.

Okay so as many of you read on the Facebook page The Fixer made a surprise visit last weekend to “get his girl back”, which actually took a ton of courage because this Craughing girl can be rather ruthless when it comes to hurt feelings. That and I hadn’t spoken to him for about 4 weeks. So, here is the deal: We are trying to set aside the differences that caused me to move (aka him snap chatting with a girl at work). He was wrong, and talking with other girls and hiding it is WRONG, but I do believe he knows that and we are working on building all the trust stuff back. So… it looks like it may be his turn to move… we shall see how it all plays out. Still I am grateful he had the courage to acknowledge his wrongness (in all ways) and stand up for what he wants: me.

Now back to our regular scheduled Faceless Friday:

WORK. I have a job! Like a real job, with full time hours and stuff. I even have a badge number to clock in with… this is huge and I haven’t actually had a full time job for over a year due to health and stuff. So, I work at a lake resort and it’s super fun and super swanky. I have to cover my tattoos up, but aside from that it’s pretty awesome. And this weekend I get to work with the bands coming in, one of which I really like… so meeting semi-famous people and getting paid for it? AWESOME!

The Beasts. The Beasts are not use to me being gone for more than an hour at a time so they are none to happy with my new jobby job, but they are still awesome and cuddly. In fact Nico dog is so cuddly he slept with one of JDawg’s daughters last night. So basically Nico is a cuddle traitor… but Josie Pup is loyal and now takes up half of the king size bed, but has to be touching me when she sleeps. Words cannot express how these two beasts make my heart happy.

Friends. Without my friends I would not be able to comprehend all of the changes that have happened in the last month. They help me to celebrate the changes in my life and embrace the good. I thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for your support and love, and encouragement. Once again my life got turned upside down (who else is singing Fresh Prince?) and I took a minute and just sat right there and let my friends help me.  And they have, and they do. Thank you.

A CAR. I have not had my own car for about ten years… and having one now is AWESOME. Windows down, music blaring and giggles where ever I go. Seriously sometimes I just sit in it and giggle because I HAVE A CAR.

Okay, I have a few little boys I am babysitting that are begging me to school them in some ping-pong… and I am not one to disappoint. Lets get on to the short list:

COFFEE, new music, staff shirts and cups cause JOB, cellphone service, Internets, dog food for The Beasts, bands, sweet text messages about love and souls to squeeze, nail polish, showers, new razor blades, good conditioner, a comfy bed and a place to lay my head (THANK YOU!!!), and you dear Craughers for all of your support and love. Thank you for making sure I make it through the hard moments with grace and clarity. YOU rock my face off!!


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