Faceless Friday: Part 108

Is anyone else feeling like the weeks are flying by? Maybe it is because I am so much busier in my home state, but I cannot believe that it is Friday yet again. Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since I have moved home, and it has been a whirlwind since day one.  And since enough time has passed to get my head around things a bit let me tell you all what has been going on, by way of gratitude.

JDawg and Family.  When I called my friend JDawg to tell her what was going on with The Fixer and I she started cleaning out a room for me.  In fact one of my namesakes (her son) gave me his room so I could move in with them (don’t worry he still has a room, it’s just a lot smaller than mine).  So now I live with JDawg, her two teenage daughters, and her son… and their HUGE (as in a small pony) dog Roxy. I have been a part of these kids’ lives since day one and am grateful that I get to be here with them now, and that in our own way we make up a family.

The Beasts.  Dogs are resilient, well at least mine seem to be. We went from quite to loving and beautiful chaos in a day and they have adjusted really well.  One of the best things to see is how Josie Pup and the horse dog Roxy play. Both of my dogs can literally walk UNDER Roxy and she and Josie have decided that they are best friends… which means that Josie is typically covered in slobber, and that Roxy has to be on guard from sneak ninja attacks from the pup.  Nico seems to handle most of the loud dog wrestling fairly well and just avoids the situation by hanging out with the kids. He’s such a man dog.

The Twins.  So one of the best things about living back home is that I get to see The Twins whenever I want!! (The Twins are my niece and nephew, soon to be 1).  It is amazing that even though they didn’t get to see me as much as we all would like they didn’t once question who I was or that they loved me.  Their little faces LIGHT up every time I walk in and we just giggle at each other.  It is a great feeling to know that I will always be close by if they ever need me, or if I need them… because quite frankly who doesn’t need some loving from some cutie pies every once in a while?

KT. KT and I laugh every time we are together, and I’m not even sure why besides we are hilarious… I am grateful that I get to be here to watch her tiny miracle grow and gain weight. I swear he looks different every time I see him and the little one is now 11 days old… but not really, technically he is 2 months old… apparently premies days are counted differently? It doesn’t make any sense to me, but I am grateful to see him grow and watch Katie get back into the swing of life. She’s pretty damn amazing.

MySelf. Okay, since this week’s Faceless Friday is all about how people have helped me to love life again, I should also show gratitude for myself.  I went from thinking I had a plan for life to once again packing up and moving within days. I am resilient. I have not stopped (well minus the days strep throat stole from me).  I haven’t been able to see everyone yet, but I have taken time to appreciate that I have done this move with some grace.  I have sat in nature and appreciated where I am and what it means for my life.  I have thanked myself for standing up for my beliefs and my heart.  Being able to do that when a few years ago I was such a mess is pretty damn face rocking!

Okay busy day here so lets jump to the short list:

Coffee (forever and always, I DO), hazelnut creamer, wine, A CAR!!!!!, A JOB!!!!!!, enough dog food to get us through to my first paycheck (hopefully), sunrises and sunsets, new beginnings, closure, heart songs, apologies, bravery, summer dresses, dancing for hours, 23 year olds telling me I am beautiful (bwhahahahhahaha!), family dinners, getting ready in the morning with my friend and laughing, babysitting gigs, honesty, good vacuums, sleeping with two beasts on either side of me, friendships and laughter, and you dear hearts, you Craughers, who stand by me no matter what and appreciate that I try my damndest every time I write to be transparent and real. THANK YOU!!


One thought on “Faceless Friday: Part 108”

  1. I am proud of how resilient you are and how you exude grace and thankfulness no matter what life throws at you. Have a great weekend!



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