Faceless Friday: Part 107

Well, this week has been a whirlwind of sickness (strep throat) and awesomeness (aka drunken debauchery).  I have made some crazy choices in the past week and can’t even tell you all about them… you know because of FBI watch lists and whatnot… so let’s get on with what I can talk about:

Anger. Cheaters suck. THEY SUCK ASS. GROSS HAIRY, SMELLY ASS. I am completely over dealing with any man (or woman) that thinks it is okay to cheat, or “almost” cheat, or snapchat bullshit to someone when they are in a relationship… or any of that crap. CHEATING IS CHEATING emotional or sexual, it doesn’t matter, and people that cheat are fucking stupid and COWARDS. MAN (or woman up) and DON’T BE A FUCKING MORON.  Deal with your shit before you wreck someone elses life for some stupid chatting. ALSO THE FIXER CAN FUCK OFF.   Especially since he didn’t even have the balls to admit he was wrong, and that I don’t desereve all his bullshit especailly after all the hell I have been through, and an apology would have been nice. FUCK YOU.

Happiness. Besides the anger part that keeps rearing its ugly head (Did I mention FUCK YOU!?) I’m doing pretty damn well and even I know that happiness is the BEST revenge.  So, I got a car, I have a job, and I have another job lined up. Look whos life opened up? Yep, mine, and its pretty fucking sweet. Also, I rock.

Friends. I have some amazeball friends, that seriously LOVE me for all that I am and all of who I have been. Being accepted and loved is pretty much the best feeling ever. Thank you all for making me laugh, feel warmth, and reminding me how awesome I am.

Okay, I am jumping to the short list because I am doing real life girl things… like nursing my sore throat:

sexy and pretty lingerie, a big ass bed, two lovey dovey dogs to cuddle with, hot tea, COFFEE, music, figuring shit out and sticking to my guns, knowing I am loved but that I have to love from afar, moving on and up, new jobs, showers that stay hot for longer than two seconds, gardening, my familia, babysitting the coolest dudes ever, Art Club, planning my next tattoo trip (YAY!!), whiskey, breaking out of my shell with a reckless abandon, a three day weekend!!!, and YOU craughers for listening to all of my ups and downs and still enjoying the ride with me. LOVE TO YOU!facelessfridaypic

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