Faceless Friday: Part 106 HOME

Admit it, you guys have been sitting around checking Facebook all day to see if I would pull off a Faceless Friday this week. And of course I will… no time, doesn’t matter, gratitude above all. So let us begin the list of awesome that rocked my face off this past week:

A CAR. Seriously, a car. I have a car. I have a car title, I OWN a car… outright, own it… it was a GIFT. SOME ONE GAVE ME A CAR!!!! I am still amazed by it, and its super cute and her name is Mable… that way if she ever breaks down I can say “Mable, Mable YOU ARE ABLE”.  I have not owned my own car in about 6 years… so this is HUGE and I can go places, like work places, and fun places, and just any place. FLOORED and FACELESS all week over Mable.

The Beasts. These two, man oh man, they make my heart sing and flutter because these two complete me.  I love coming home to two loving animals that want nothing more than to just play and cuddle. I also love that now that I sleep in the MIDDLE OF THE BED they each lay on one side of me. Since touch is my love language that could not make me any happier.  They are also pretty damn cute… even with the haircut I gave Nico.

A HOME. I thought when I moved in with The Fixer that was it, I thought my life was pretty much laid out and that he and I were making a home together… obviously I was wrong, but now I have a home without all that, and it is AWESOME. Granted it has only been two weeks, but I am seriously so grateful for this opportunity to love and live… and plant flowers, and drink coffee in the quiet and the woods. AH-MAZING.

Okay so it is Friday and I actually have plans that involve doing things, so let’s jump to the short list:

COFFEE, hazelnut creamer, warm and long baths, shaving, men’s razors, gas money, having a few side jobs to keep me going until I can find something more permanent, being told I am beautiful, people that speak their minds and are sincere (you rock), decorating, laughing, seeing all the babies I have missed while I was away (some big some, new), THE TWINS and their adorable awesomeness and the fact that they know who their Aunt Craughy is and they BEAM every time I walk in the room… seriously every time, sometimes I even leave the room to see them smile when I come back (and now I get to help raise them and be here!!), getting stupid drunk and doing stupid things I have NEVER done before but being loved enough that my friends were all “Hell yes girl, you needed to act stupid for a minute, good for you!”, not responding to bullshit that is not an apology, KNOWING I AM LOVED, LOVED!, having a shit ton of anger towards The Fixer and knowing I am with people that understand it, listen to it, and know that I am still happy. I am home again and it feels fucking fantastic.


And YOU Craughers, you make all of this feel better. No one will ever get me down for long as long as I have all of you. THANK YOU! facelessfridaypic

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