Faceless Friday: Part 103


Once again it is Friday, and that means it is time for Faceless Friday.  This is where I list out all of the awesome that happened in the last week, you know things that rocked my face off. Let us begin.

Myself. Yes, this week I rocked my own face off… which is pretty important, and should probably happen more often.  This week I was reminded of all the obstacles I have already over come in my life, the pains and struggles that I have survived and have left where they belong, the past.  I have been abused in every possible way, been left homeless, jobless and struggling to feed my beast love Nico, but I made it. Yes I made it with the help of others, but the point is I did not give up. I don’t give up. I never have, and chances are I never will.  I have overcome fears that have left me paralyzed, I have overcome thoughts of suicide when it all seemed to be too much, and I have overcome it all. Deaths, funerals, trials, divorces, foreclosures, moving, moving again, leaving everyone and everything, and I am still standing… and there is not one person on this Earth that could ever knock me down. Knowing that I will ALWAYS overcome whatever shit is thrown my way rocks my face off.

Functioning.  There was a time when if life tried to knock me around I would lay down and surrender for a bit… and that time has since past.  I chose to be proactive now, to follow my dreams, make new goals and continue to rock this whole awesome thing. Not laying down and letting one part of my life take over all other parts rocks my face off!!

Being loved.  When I was 12 my dad told me that no one would ever love me.  When I was 30 my ex-husband told me the same thing. The men in between pretty much solidified this sentiment, but that has not stopped me from always seeking and being willing to be loved, or to feel love.  I have learned as I have grown that love comes in many forms, and from different parts of life, and not just a relationship.  I know now that love from friends and family are just as important, if not more so, than the person you chose to spend your time with.  Allowing people to build me up when I need it and to accept their love when I need it ROCKS.

Okay my dear Craughers, let’s get to the short list. There is life to live and dreams to achieve:

Music!!, Coffee and hazelnut creamer <3, the internet, cell phone service, a new bike!! (Thanks Fixer, my first bike since I was 7), The Beasts and all of their entertaining and cuddly joy they bring, getting back into art, drunken tongues and sober minds, knowing where I stand, medicines that actually make me feel better, only having one more physical therapy session (graduating from that ROCKS), allergy meds that work, having a better idea of what I want to be when I grow up, a NEW HAIRCUT!!!, new tattoos and a pretty cute nose ring, knowing that everything in life is temporary but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the ride, and you my dear readers… for still being here, for always supporting me and listening to my rants and raves. I adore each and every one of you!!


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