Faceless Friday: Part 102

I woke up this morning pretty proud of myself for not drinking last night… and then I remembered that I did in fact drink last night… so basically that is the sort of morning I am having here in Craughing Land.  I also threw my hair up in a clip thing this morning and now the neighbors have to see me looking like a cone head… which is fine, because I ROCK THIS SHIT. Speaking of ROCK, let’s talk about what has rocked my face off this past week… it is time, once again, for Faceless Friday.

JOBS. Yes, plural. I have been working at a tattoo shop for a few weeks (which is as cool as it sounds) and next week I will start at JoAnne Fabrics. Yep, two of my passions smashed together for one busy Craughing Girl with jobbie jobs. This is a huge deal because that means I am finally feeling well enough to work again, and will have enough money of my own to support all of my hobbies soon.  Also new tattoos? Yes please.

The Fixer. The Fixer has been busting his ass since January with only about three days off total… which means he is working pretty much ALL of the time… yet he still tries every day to have enough energy to put up with all this crazy (you know, me and The Beasts).  Not only does he do whatever he can to support all of us, he does it in a loving and meaningful way. He also takes the time to listen to all of my rants and to encourage me when I decide for the 108th time what I want to do when I grow up.  I am grateful for this life that he provides, the support he offers, and the laughs we share. It also rocks my face off that I can basically be myself completely and he just rolls with it.

The Beasts. Someday I will come up with all of the words that actually can express how much these two furry beasts mean to me, but until then I will just say that they are awesome and make my life exciting, entertaining and amazing.

Dirt, Earth, and Mud. Yes I know that mud is essentially dirt, but this is my Faceless Friday and I can say what I want. I love being outdoors, I love watching the sun rise and playing in dirt. I am so excited that my allergies are under control enough that I can actually enjoy the seasons changing. Yesterday I got to play in dirt and get my flowerbeds in order… and that ROCKS. If you haven’t connected with nature lately I recommend it.

Okay, it is time for the short list because this girl needs to get this cone head hair under control.

Calling a vagina a “birthday box” because that shit is funny, making friends (finally) in my new city, coffee, healthy foods and not so healthy foods, food in general, HD tv (because it makes The Fixer so damn happy), dance parties whenever the mood strikes, sunshine, soulshine, moonshine (okay I am kidding on that part… maybe), being excited for the future, new tattoos, and all of you beautiful Craughers that have chosen to enjoy this journey with me. THANK YOU!


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