Faceless Friday: Part 99

In the mornings I give Josie Pup an ice cube to give her something to destroy so I can at least down one cup of coffee before we start playing the “Let Me Out, Let Me In” game.  Today I gave Nico man dog one and I swear he said “Why in the hell are you giving me frozen water?”…. so that is how this Friday is starting off.  There are also three million little doggy prints all over the kitchen floor because I was not thinking clearly and didn’t wipe Josie’s paws off…. I did however make her dance in the kitchen to get the mud off before she ran through the rest of the house. Almost thinking clearly in the morning rocks my face off… which brings me to why we are all here. It is time for Faceless Friday. Let’s get some gratitude on.

The Beasts. Since The Beasts are on my mind, and tangled around my feet, I am going to start with them.  Last night Josie got to hear her very first thunder storm… which promptly threw her in to attack mode where she ran from room to room barking. It isn’t that her attack dog mode rocks my face off it is how comical it is to see the differences in The Beasts. Nico “Man Dog” is TERRIFIED of storms, which means just as he was going into scared mode, Josie went into anger mode. Having these furry babies in my life has made all the difference in how much joy I have, and I am so very grateful for them. The Beasts rock (and sometimes try to eat) my face off.

Friendship. Sometimes I feel really bad for moving away and leaving all of my friends back home… and then they remind me that they want me to be happy as much as I want them to be happy. It seems that true friendship can handle miles, weeks, and even years of distance.  I am thankful that I am still as involved in their lives as I was when I was living next to them.  It sucks that I cannot see them as often as I like, but still being included, and being able to include them, rocks my face off. (Thanks interwebs!)

The Fixer.  The Fixer has been working his ass off nonstop since he started his new job in January… and it sucks, but also rocks my face off.  I’m not going to lie it mostly rocks my face off because he comes home and tells me all about his day, usually in a heated way, but I love that he shares with me. I’m grateful that he wants to tell me all about his murderous plans, it makes me feel like a real partner.

Okay… I have physical therapy to get ready for (yuck!) so I’m going to go ahead and jump to the short list:

Coffee, music, Netflix, sewing!!, cell phone service, coconut oil, nail polish remover, my fam-damily, being able to rest when I feel like crap, laughing at myself, hazelnut creamer, vicks vapo rub, pens that actually write, an Amazon Kindle credit to use!, Febreeze, my Shark vacuum, rain instead of snow, the quilt I made for the living room still being together, two quilt tops waiting for batting and binding, and YOU Craughers. You make my days that much brighter, thank you for your kind words, messages, support, and sense of humor. YOU rock my face off.


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