Faceless Friday: Part 97

It is with a sad heart that I write this week’s Faceless Friday.  Monday my dear friend Katie gave birth to two beautiful boys, and unfortunately one passed away… I really have no words to express the sadness of his passing, and the joy of the other one doing well in NICU.  There are no words in a situation such as this and my heart continues to break every second for her.  But there are still things to be grateful for, even in the face of tragedy, so let’s get to this week’s Faceless Friday.


Friendship and understanding.  I live two states away now and when I learned that the littlest twin of Katie’s was not doing well, I started packing.  I got to her as soon as possible, but that is not what rocks my face off, what rocks my face off is that at that moment I learned how  much Katie’s friendship has always meant to me, because there is no doubt in my mind that she would have been by my side if the situation were reversed.  In fact she has been there for me during every milestone of my life, every heartbreak, and every joy… and knowing that we have that sort of friendship rocks my face off.

My Niece and Nephew (The Twins).  My nephew has had health problems since he was born, some have been pretty severe and we almost lost him once… and I disconnected from that because I could not imagine how much pain that would cause.  Now that I see what Katie is going through I have actually absorbed some of those fears from when my nephew was touch and go in NICU and have found myself overwhelmed with gratitude at how well he is doing now. They are amazing little 6 month olds that love to look at each other and explore faces and hands.  I loved them before they were born and it is amazing to me how completely and utterly in love with them I really am. Being an Aunt rocks my face off… even when my niece kept me up ALL night last night. I don’t get those chances very often, and I can honestly say I don’t mind how tired and sick I am today.

The Fixer.  When I told The Fixer what was going on with KT he asked me to stay until he got off work so he could check over the car and give me some emergency money.  I appreciate and adore that he knows how much my friends and family mean to me and made sure I was able to get here.  I also love the fact that I left both The Beasts there and he is in charge of being pack leader until I get home. I am with them all day, every day, so it’s entertaining to hear his stories instead of being the one telling them. Speaking of The Beasts, when The Fixer and I Skyped the other night, Josie pup listened to me when I told her to sit. It was like a technological miracle.

Okay, there are things to do and people to love on so I am going to close up for this week. No short list, there is too much to be grateful for this week. ❤ Much love Craughers, and as always thanks for being here.

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