Faceless Friday: Part 96

I started this morning off with a glass of water and I really, so badly, want to tell all of you it is because I care about my health… but it’s only because I am hung-over.  (So, you know the opposite of caring about my health). Speaking of health, Josie Pup is basically fully recovered from having her girlie parts removed and is back to being a terrorist, a terrorist that is pretty damn amazing at fighting the effects of sedatives (she gets that from me). Trying to keep a six month old puppy sedated enough to stay “calm and not jump” is a complete bullshit idea, because reality says there is no actually stopping the little beasts (well, perhaps a tranquilizer would have) and that by day 6 they will resort to trying to eat your face off out of boredom…. Which brings up the point of this post: ITS FACELESS FRIDAY!! Let’s get our gratitude on and see what sorts of things rocked my face off this past week.


Sewing, Creating, Quilting, and Domesticated Me. I love my new hobby, and that I am getting fairly good at it… and I love that people want to buy my things (Craughty Me Shop), but I am still having a bit of a personality crisis over all of it.  I seriously love sewing, like borderline obsession “like it”, to the point where instead of my PTSD dreams I have been dreaming about sewing, breaking needles, and how to put together the perfect quilt… I want to get up in the morning to work on projects, and that my friends is HUGE, but like I said it is causing a bit of a personality crisis. Who the hell am I? I sew and quilt now? I’m pretty sure my ego is in there screaming “HEY, YOU ARE A FUCKING ROCKSTAR NOT A QUILTER”, so I basically keep chanting that I am a rockstar quilter and tell ego to shut the hell up.  Doing things that make me happy, give me a reason to be passionate again, yeah… that rocks my face off (ego cries aside).

Our Vet. I loved Nico’s vet back home, so when it was time to find a new vet in this state I was a bit hesitant… but it seems that the search is over. It is refreshing to find someone in the medical profession that actually cares about their patients as much as their pet parents… and Dr. Kelly pretty much rocks that. She is funny, listens, and is uber compassionate and takes the time needed to talk to the pet owners. I like all of that, and her… in fact today when I take Josie in for her post-op checkup I am going to give Dr. Kelly a “Be My Friend” resume listing out all of the reasons why she and I should hang out. NOT CREEPY.

The Beasts. Nico has done exceptionally well with our little post-op patient. I was worried that he would want to wrestle with her, but in fact I think he is just relieved that she is pretty doped up most of the time.  I love how gentle he is with her and how he tries to teach her things… like how not to eat the comforter off of the bed. Josie is an amazing (and tiring) addition to our little family and I am beyond blessed to have these two in my life. The “Rescued” Breed really is the BEST breed, and being able to say that they adopted me as much as I did them rocks my face off.

The Fixer.  The Fixer and I had a rocky week, but he still managed to win me over every day (even when I was angry… which is a HUGE feat!). He even went to Jo-Anne fabric BY HIMSELF and bought me a new rotary cutting tool. I can’t imagine what walking into that store alone felt like for him because I basically crumble under the intimidation of it when I go in there.  My new rotary tool is AH-MAZING, but it is not the tool itself that rocks my face off, but the simple and not so simple fact that this man has been so encouraging in my new venture, and proves it with his actions. I really doubt that quilting is as exciting to him as it is to me, but yet he listens to me get fired up about it and just grins at me and tries to help me figure out exactly what squares should go in the middle of the newest creation. Support, understanding and encouragement rock my face off.

And now for the short list because this Craughing Girl has some sewing and some real life girl things to attend to:

COFFEE (forever and always), hazelnut creamer, clean drinking water that is readily available at the tap, doggie sedation meds, tennis balls, birds singing in the morning as the sun rises, friends, family, and an awesome group of ladies that ALWAYS have my back, candles, warm socks, people that know what Facebook games I play and don’t ever mention it, music, selling aprons, having space to create and be passionate, incense, receiving sweet, encouraging and honest messages, and you my dearest Craughers. Always you, with your humor, support, and real life wonders.  Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, for sharing and for caring what is happening in this Craughing Girl’s world. I sincerely, and deeply THANK YOU for every single one of you. Thank you.


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