Faceless Friday: Part 94

Good morning dear Craughers! It is that time again, time for us to dig deep (or not so deep) for gratitude and find the things that rocked our faces off this past week.  It is called Faceless Friday, and here are the things that rocked my face off this past week:

The Fixer.  I had a pretty scary appointment on Tuesday and The Fixer took off work to take me. I cannot explain how much that meant to me as I have never had a man stand up with me before during scary situations. He even offered to hold my hand! (But in true Craughing girl fashion I was being tough and denied the hand holding). I was poked and prodded and it hurt like fucking hell, but The Fixer still made it a really good day and took care of me. He even said I was tough and complimented me on handling the tests so well, so that made me feel pretty awesome. He also made sure that I laughed as much as possible and felt loved, and all of that rocks my face off.

The Beasts. The Beasts have had pink eye for the last week, and I cannot even put into words how horrific the whole being locked away in the house has been for them (and me!). They decided to go on a hunger strike, destroy all of the things, and just be crazy. I get it because I too want to be outside as much as possible, so when the weather was nice Wednesday we went to the dog park for two hours and did lap after lap. Watching them run full speed and have fun makes my heart sing… and it’s pretty awesome when Josie girl comes running full speed at me to share in her experience (it also makes the people at the dog park think she loves me, so that’s cool).  All cabin fever aside The Beasts make my life so much more enjoyable and make me laugh every day. That rocks my face off.

Friendship.  Like I said I have had some scary health concerns lately and I am so grateful for my friends that reach out to me, care for me, and support and love me and make sure that I know that.  It has been hard living here without friends, but the friends I do have, even if they are miles and miles away have a way of making me feel connected and cared for regardless of distance. They make sure that laughter is still a huge part of my life, and that I know that I am loved and that they are there for me no matter what happens.  I am so damn grateful for all of them. Friendship rocks my face off, and those that have my back even more so. ❤

Okay, let’s move on to the short list before I get any more emotional:

Hazelnut creamer, coffee, John Butler Trio’s new album (seriously SO good), The Beast’s pink eye clearing up, Netflix, Vicodin, boxed wine, cell phone service, Facebook, sewing, fabric in the mail!!!, fenced in dog parks, warm weather (even if for a day), the car working on Tuesday, money for gas in the car, my new computer (thank you Fixer!), long talks on the phone, Josie girl learning new tricks and being proud of herself (puppy pride is pretty impressive), one doctor’s office that cares about me enough to give me free meds!, ruling out nerve and muscle damage even if it was the worst pain ever, Winamp, learning new things, a bed and a place to rest my weary body when needed, Ani Difranco, the sun still being up at 5:30 pm, sunrises (my favorite), new ink in the printer, people that take the time to make sure I know I am loved and valued, The Walking Dead, my family, water, long baths, men’s razors, coconut oil, and YOU dear Craughers. You for being here, for reading each week, and for reaching out to me when I need it the most. You all rock my face off more than you know!


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