Faceless Friday: Part 93

It’s Thursday night, but finally quite in Craughing Land, since The Fixer is walking The Beasts, so why not sit and bust out some gratitude?  So, even a night early, it is time for Faceless Friday, where I list out all of the awesome that has happened in the past week… or rather, things that have rocked my face off. Let us begin.

The Fixer. I adore this man more than I can ever really communicate.  He is a man in so many senses of the word; strong, caring, generous, and consistent.  He surprised me in a HUGE way this week by buying me a new laptop for Valentine’s Day.  Seriously one of the best gifts I have ever received, not for its material value, but for the value he knows it brings to my life.  He even made sure I had all the right programs on the machine so I could continue to write all of my words and share them with all of you. I seriously love my new computer and have actually contemplated marrying it, but it isn’t just the computer that made my week, it was watching him beam with excitement because I was so excited.  It was refreshing to watch someone take joy in my joy, and that rocks my face off.  He is also planning on taking a day off from his new job to go to a scary doctor appointment with me next week.  That may not seem like a big deal, but to me it means the world.  I know I have said it before, and even though we go through our rough patches, I am still forever grateful that he has opened his life and his home to me. Blessed.

The Beasts. I really have nothing nice to say about these jerks today… but I am grateful for them anyway, so they get their own little spot.

Mi Familia. I have been sewing, as many of you have read, and have made gifts for my family back home.  I made coasters for the Momma, a Kindle cover for my sister in law, some “dread ties” for my good brother and I made quilts for The Twins.  The boy twin’s blanket ended up being about 50 times to small, but the girl’s blanket turned out pretty damn good.  I was so excited to share my new obsession and even more delighted to be able to make them some things that they might like. Also, getting pictures of The Twins with blankets that I MADE seriously ROCKS MY FACE OFF.

Okay, this list got long right quick because I am typing on my new computer!!!! So, let us go ahead and jump to the short list:

Boxed moscato wine, a doctor that is being thorough, being able to watch videos on the internet, being able to listen to music on the internet AND do other things on the computer… you know like look at other pages!? MIND BLOWN. Epson salts, advil, arthritis medicine ( I mean I took my first at 19, so that’s something), new music, good books to read, heat, power, hot water, a warm bed, COFFEE, cell phone service, being able to type and the computer keep up with it, and YOU of course YOU for reading and sharing in all of this with me. Love to you Craughers, much, much, love.


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