Faceless Friday: Part 91

Remember, when you were younger people told you that time would fly by when you were older?  That if you weren’t careful days would pass you by unnoticed? Yeah, that is how I feel about it being Friday again.  Nevertheless, here it is, so that means it is time for Faceless Friday, where I list out all of the awesome that rocked my face off this past week. Let us begin.

The Beasts.  Josie pup saw Nico’s reflection in the mirror this morning and went batshit crazy.  This is one of the reasons why I love the dogs so damn much, no matter what they can make me laugh and they always like to cuddle… granted Josie cuddles with her teeth a lot, but still I feel loved (a loved chew toy).  The Beasts also keep me active, even when I cannot see straight from pain; they are there to get my ass in gear, and to get me out in nature.  (Even if that nature is frozen and feels like death to my extremities).  I’m also in love with the fenced in dog park.  Watching The Beasts run full speed and dive bomb into snow banks rocks my face off, and them being worn out rocks even more, especially since we have all had cabin fever the last few days.

My Old Doctors.  This is late, because I am just now realizing what I had in my old medical team… I miss them. I miss having a team that knew what was going on with my body and took me seriously.  One of the hardest things about moving away from my home state has been establishing myself as a patient with other doctors.  Knowing there are doctors like that out there rocks my face off.

My Momma.  I do not do shout outs to her enough, and bless that woman for her humor and love.  The other day when I came home from my appointment, I found a sewing machine sitting on the step.  She had ordered me one and had it delivered!!  Since I could not see ANYTHING I called her to thank her and we laughed and laughed about my eyes being whacked out.  It is so refreshing to know where you get some of your humor from and even more so when you can talk to your momma like a friend.  Also… a freaking sewing machine? SUPER STOKED!! You guys thought my denim cozies were cool… just you wait…

The Fixer.  The Fixer has been working his ass off and it is taking its toll, but he still comes home every day and takes care of The Beasts and somehow manages to walk both of them at once without complaining (not an easy task).  His hard work and determination to take care of me and our furry family rocks my face off and I am forever grateful.

Okay, the day is getting lighter out there and I am bound and determined to take The Beasts back out to the dog park… which means I better get my ass in gear if they want to see their Golden Retriever friends.  So, lets go to the short list:

ADVIL, Coffee (how I adore you, my dear dear friend), perfect vision and eye health (even if I knew that before my stupid appointment), a warm coat and boots that handle the weather, new music, connecting with people, hot water, having ALL of my months of laundry finished, good books to read, knowing that I won’t always be in pain (I pray), cell phone service, friends that give a shit, house plants that are growing even when there is no green outside, naps, and you dear Craughers. Thank you for being here, always.


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