Faceless Friday: Part 89

It is Friday again and that means that it is once again time for Faceless Friday.  Faceless Friday is where I list out all of the awesome things that rocked my face off in the past week.  I don’t have nearly enough coffee in me yet this morning for a witty introduction, so let’s just begin.

The Beasts.  The wee pup has started sleeping through the night; this is a magical and exciting thing.  It also means that she is super crazy in the morning, but we are learning how to deal with that.  She is also 32 lbs now and can easily knock Nico down (okay, he lets her).  Watching her grow and become her own little doggy personality rocks my face off.  She is starting to become more of a lover and less of a fighter and we are grateful for that.  That is not to say that she will ever be the lover dog that Nico is. The man dog is always there for me, always picking up on my emotions and always comforting.  The other night I had the worst nightmares and woke up to Nico licking my face to wake me up.  Now that is something that rocks my face off.

My Recovery Date.  On January 14th I celebrated my three year anniversary of recovery from codependency.  (There is a blog post to the right about it).  I did not come into recovery gracefully or that willingly for that matter, but I am so grateful that I did.  All though it has been a constant battle of reminding myself of healthy coping skills and boundaries it has totally been worth it.  Learning who I am rocks my face off.

The Fixer.  He is starting to get into the groove of his new job and that is pretty damn exciting.  All though it has been stressful for him and a bit overwhelming (because changing your life IS overwhelming) he has done it all with some grace.  Seeing him come into his own even more rocks my face off.

And now for the short list because the pain is high today and the brain waves are low:

Coffee, hazelnut creamer (yes please), books to read, heating pads, insurance!!! (YAY!!), surprise grocery money from a dear friend (THANK YOU!!!), having the patience to try and sell my old stuff online, actually selling some of that said stuff, a fenced in dog park nearby, making it through the night when The Fixer worked third shift, Skype dates with KT, new music,  “samples” of my $300 meds from my doctors office, Advil, sweet and loving FB messages, cell phone service, a giant bed and warm comforters, coffee (did I mention the coffee!?) and you my dear Craughers, always, for your encouragement, kindness and humor. Thank you.


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