Faceless Friday: Part 88

I feel like I awoke in a rolling prairie…. Of dog hair … Not to say that I mind rolling prairies, or dog hair, but sometime a girl just wants to sleep without being woken up with a 4 month old puppy pouncing on her and a 4 year old dog laying on top of her to “protect” her from said puppy.  Sometimes a girl just wants to lay in bed and count her blessings before throwing on snow boots and walking outside in frigid temperatures only to have two dogs not actually want to go to the bathroom.  Luckily it is Friday, and I don’t have to lay in bed to count my blessings, because that is what Faceless Friday is for. So, in no particular order, here are the things that rocked m face off this past week:

Vicodin and heating pads.  The pain my body has surging through it this week is unreal.  Usually it is my lower back and Fibromyalgia that keeps me from being the pleasant peaceful self I know I could be… but this week my neck has decided that it needs some attention.  And in true form of any part of my body any attention, whether negative or positive, is still worth aching for.  My degenerative disc disease starts at the base of my skull and goes straight down to my tailbone.  This week my neck has my arms numb, pain shooting through places I did not know I could feel pain, and migraines coming in waves.  So, all though pain killers only help a tad, and the heating pad only helps me to sleep, I am still grateful for those things because they are better than doing nothing.  And pain aside I am still grateful I have a body here on this Earth. Being alive rocks my face off.

This picture has nothing to do with Vicodin or heating pads... or does it??
This picture has nothing to do with Vicodin or heating pads… or does it??

Teething Puppies of doom.  Josie is teething, and losing her baby teeth in awesome places, like our bed. So far, she has her back adult doggy teeth, and as far as I can tell all of her little teeth in the front.  They look odd in her little puppy face, like doggy dentures, and seeing that is enough to rock my face off.  I also like that I am able to offer her some forms of comfort while she bleeds all over my white comforter… frozen carrots, ice cubes, and a frozen dish rag have become close friends of mine when she is going bat shit crazy with the chewing and biting.   Aside from all of those growing pains, she is growing and is now 28 pounds (if not more) and is starting to get a longer shiny coat in to show off her Australian Shepherd genes.  That and she is wicked smart, and pretty damn adorable.  I suppose what I am saying is having a puppy is hella hard work, but worth it because her joining our family, and becoming more loving every day rocks.

"I will gnaw your arm off if you let me" -Josephine Pearl
“I will gnaw your arm off if you let me” -Josephine Pearl

Nico Harper.  I cannot really talk about Josie without mentioning Nico dog, mostly because he would slam me on his facebook page if I did.  This guy… I have no idea where I would be if I didn’t have it in my brain that cold scary night long ago that I needed a dog to keep me safe.  Hindsight says that Nico dog is not much of an aggressive “protect at all costs” dog, but I’m pretty sure he would bark at someone if he needed to.  He has adjusted better than I thought he would to the addition of the puppy, and aside from what he says about her on his facebook page, they cuddle a lot and have a lot of fun (usually at the expensive of a clean and peaceful home).   Nico has been my best friend for the last few years and I am forever grateful for him and his unconditional love.  Having a man dog rocks my face off.

"I IZ PATENT, I IZ KIND" -Nico Harper
“I IZ PATENT, I IZ KIND” -Nico Harper

The Fixer and his jeans.  Yes, his jeans… as in how he looks in them. He has a really nice ass.  Aside from the looks department he is also doing huge things in his life and I get to be witness to it all.  Monday he started a new job and all though it is a huge adjustment for him, he is handling it with grace and fortitude.  He took a leap of faith for his future and seeing that unfold rocks my face off.


Okay, the dogs want to go back out… for the tenth time in an hour.. so I have to go and pretend that I am going to let them out and then laugh in their faces because THEY DON’T OWN ME! So let’s jump to the short list:


Boxed Moscato wine and the fact that it exists,  pictures coming from back home of my niece and nephew, my friend KT and all of her courage during this pregnancy (twins, OMG!), HBO and movies to watch, good books and a Kindle so I never have to wait for one, the fact that the Outlander series is being made into a TV show (awesome!!), the new PTSD support group I started and the lovely ladies in it, men’s razors, Oil of Olay Anti-Aging body wash, stress relief lotion from my family that smells AH-MAZING, coffee (always and forever, amen), music, new music, words and thoughts forming into something somewhat readable, my friend JDawg taking leaps of faith when she doesn’t feel she has any, my friend K getting her old job back (yes I am keeping tabs on you, text a girl, geesh!), working towards a healthier and happier me in all of the ways, and of course, last but never least YOU dear Craughers.  You for being here, for reading this, for being a part of my life in so many profound ways. Thank you. Sincerely. Thank you.

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