Faceless Friday: Part 87

It is Friday yet again, so that means it is time for Faceless Friday. I did not get to make a blog post for last Friday’s Faceless Friday because I was busy being a real life girl and growing a year older, all of that and I was visiting my friends and family in my home state, and of course snuggling with The Twins (my niece and nephew).  It was a damn good week, so let’s get this list started, here are the things that rocked my face off this past week:

Family.  It had been four months since I had the chance to go and see my mom and brothers, and in the world of my niece and nephew, that is a HUGE amount of time.  (Okay, it was sorta huge for me too).  Traveling back home is a bit chaotic, especially now with two beast dogs, but it was one of the best visits I have had since moving away.  My good brother and his wife in awesome put us all up in their home and I am forever grateful for their kindness.  It is not easy sharing your space, let alone sharing it with a Craughing Girl, a Fixer, and the two beasts… yet they always open their doors to us and make us feel welcomed.  That rocks!  Another thing that rocks about my family is that The Twins are now 6 months old! They are smiling and laughing and lit up every time I talked to them.  I know at 6 months old they probably don’t know that I am their aunt, but seeing their eyes focus on me and share smiles with me warms every ounce of my being.  Like I have said before I had no idea I could love them so much, and so instantly, and yet here I am six months later even more in love with them.  It is also pretty special to get to see my momma be a grandma.  She’s really good at it and they love her absolutely.  Aside from being an awesome grandma my mom rocked the holidays and the feeding of all of us… not to mention that I love her and sometimes just want to be near her.  Spending Christmas and my birthday with my family this year meant more to me then I can properly express, so we will just say that it rocked my face clean off!

Friends.  When I travel to my home state I do not really have much time to socialize and see all of the people (mainly because I just want to stare at The Twins the entire time).  But I am lucky and blessed to have friends that understand that and work with me to spend some time together.  My friend A and I spent a day together talking, laughing and just being together and it was damn special.  I also had two breakfast dates with my best friends and just felt damn blessed all around.  I love that I have true friends that understand why my move was the best for me, they support me in that, but still let me know how much they miss me.  I like feeling special and those women can make me feel that in a heartbeat. True friendship, kindness, understanding and most of all laughter rocks my face off.

The Beasts.  I was nervous about traveling with the new puppy, Josie, because unlike Nico she has not traveled as much or as far… but they rocked it.  The Beasts curled up in the back seat and just enjoyed the ride, which is pretty damn special considering Josie is only 4 months old.  They also did well with all the other family dogs and ran and played until all they could do was sleep.  Josie basically just showed everyone in my family that she is adorable and the best puppy in the world, and of course Nico was his awesome self… and the protector and big brother of our half pint.  Now if I could just get them to not jump on people….

The Fixer.  Not only did The Fixer drive me to my home state, he did it with patience, and grace.  I get all sorts of wound up visiting home and he just takes it all in stride, helps when he can, and listens to me when I am going a mile a minute.  He understands how my heart aches for The Twins, and my family and just lets me go about loving them.  He also lets me cry for the first part of our trip back to our home and understands why, so that rocks.  Oh, and he told me happy birthday every chance he got on Friday, so at least 35 times, and that was pretty awesome too.

Birthdays.  Speaking of which, last Friday was my birthday, and all though I am at the age where that does not really matter, it was nice to feel special and to get to spend the day with The Twins.  Overall, my birthday this past year was one of the best I have ever had, if not the best.  I was surrounded by the people that love me, the people that I love, and was pleasantly surprised that my age did not even creep into my headspace. Here is to another year!

Whoa, this Faceless Friday got lengthy real quick!  I suppose after a few pages of lovey dovey stuff it is time for the short list. Here it goes:

Wine, coffee, hazelnut creamer, The Fixer getting  a new job he is excited about, ice cubes in dish rags for a teething puppy, heat that works, the Purple Bomber making it yet another trip to the home state,  bacon, good food in general, mom’s potato salad!, (anything my mom cooks really), baby smiles, health insurance starting soon!!, The Fixer’s homemade chicken noodle soup, music, clean clothes, Goodwill, bulk dog treats, finishing the Outlander Series and knowing that a new one is coming out this year!, the stress relief lotion I got for my birthday from my good brother and his wife (it is the BEST), Skype chatting with KT, beating levels in Facebook games (cause I am a dork), the Green Bay Packers, reminders in recovery of codependency, people that make me laugh, women who have my back!!, and You dear Craughers, YOU! As another year has begun I am so glad to share even more of my journey with you. Thank you for being here, YOU rock my face off!!

Much love!!!


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