Faceless Friday: Part 86

Every Friday I get up too early and write a few words about what has rocked my face off the past week, it is called Faceless Friday, and this week I have plenty (as always) to be grateful for. (Also, in case you are keeping track my birthday is NEXT Friday… ).  Okay, on to Faceless Friday:

Real Life Friends, and otherwise.  Last week I went shopping like a real life girl, with a real life friend.  We laughed a lot, and doused ourselves with too much cheap McDonald’s coffee and it was really pretty awesome.  I am grateful for our friendship and grateful that she understands all of my obsessive thoughts about the dogs, and suggested that I feed Josie ice cubes to help with her teething/destruction.  And of course I cannot mention friendship without including my internet besties.  You ladies know who you are, and I appreciate you more than I can properly convey.  Thank you for always encouraging me, having my back, and making me feel accepted… and for helping me to laugh every day.  Laughter is important.

The Fixer and our awesome weekend.  Last week The Fixer took me to see The Tri Siberian Orchestra, and we had a great time.  We went out on a limb and tried an authentic German restaurant, I love that he wants to try new things with me, and the food was awesome.  Something even more special is when we were driving home we were talking about those houses that synchronize their Christmas lights with music and then BAM we drove up on one! I pretty much giggled the entire time.  Aside from a great weekend, The Fixer is amazeballs.  He works his ass off every day and still comes home and takes care of me when I am feeling all the aches and pains of my body. He is an amazing provider, friend, and partner, and that rocks my face off.

The Beasts.  Besides the house plants that have been destroyed, having two dogs is working out okay.  Josie is already huge compared to when we got her (only a month ago!) and Nico is finally okay, for the most part, at having her around.  They are quite the entertaining duo and I am grateful to be….  Well, here, a part of it.

Educated defenders of the Universe.  Today I am grateful that there are people in the world that care for others, want to do right by the world, and strive everyday to make this world a better place.  I love when people are informed, argumentative, and compassionate about all things heated.  I am grateful that Craughers understand where I am coming from, and that I can get on my soapbox when I feel I need to, and they come to my aid when people take it all wrong. Stopping and researching, and then talking, rocks my face off!!

And now for the short list:

Paint and the ability to make Christmas presents, good dog food, hot water, toothpaste, coffee, new music, being on the 6th book of Outlander, feeling at home, breakfast for dinner, people that share new things with me, q-tips, the internet, getting to see my family next week!!!, exacto knives, food for my belly, Diet Coke, Bob Dylan and all of his songs, and YOU for being here, yet another week.


2 thoughts on “Faceless Friday: Part 86”

  1. so happy for you! we have a phrase that i learned over the summer in the yoga retreat which expressed gladness for everything “good” and “bad”: “wahe guru!” <— it essentially means as a celebration, "thanks for it all!"


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