Faceless Friday: Part 85

I’m up too early, writing a blog post, so it must be time for Faceless Friday. (Also I had to rewrite “writing” three different times for spell check to recognize it… cause you know it’s early and the brain is not quite functioning yet.) Luckily, there is coffee to be drunk, dogs to be escorted to the frozen tundra of the back yard, and Craughers to entertain… so let’s start this weekend off with some things that rocked my face off this past week. Here we go:

Josie.  Do not let the picture fool you this little beast of a puppy packs a mighty nip and some loud vocals.  Still she is damn cute… and pretty sweet when she wants to be, which is usually in 30 second increments, unless Nico has scared her in some way.  I have never had a puppy before, when I rescued Nico he was almost two, so this has been a crazy ride in pet parenting.  Mostly there is a lot of sleeplessness and many things chewed up.  And yesterday when I went to take a bath she whined and whimpered so I opened the door… then she barked at me the entire time I was in the tub. It was very relaxing…. Still Josie is a welcome addition to our family, and her settling in rocks my face off.

Devil voodoo magic.
Devil voodoo magic.

Nico Harper.  I cannot really talk about Josie without giving Nico his Faceless Friday time.  This guy is a jealous beast dog, but has somehow found it in his heart to let Josie live here too.  He is still a big cuddly baby, but gets out of the way when he needs too… or when Josie pushes in I should say.  Nico saved my life once, or a thousand times, and I am forever grateful for his love and furriness… even if he spends most of his time staring at the shenanigans going on around him.  (He is a judger for sure.)

There is snow on the ground now, but this is still a good pic.

The Fixer.  Bless this man for his patience, sense of humor, and overall personality.  Who else could handle my singing, jokes and over all wicked ways?  Yesterday when he came home I was wearing grey tights, a super holey t-shirt and a very pink cardigan sweater… and he still kissed me hello, and only laughed a little bit.  Half the time I am ashamed that he sees me looking so ragged, especially on the days when my pain over comes everything, but he takes it all in stride and seems to still like me most of the time.  I am grateful that he tries so hard to understand my physical limitations, and commends me when I do not let them get me down for very long.


Okay, this week I am only doing the household, because well…. I have real life girl things to do and can’t sit here all day listing out ALL of the awesome… so let’s jump to the short list:

Epson salt, extra virgin olive oil and sugar for a cheap and effective body scrub, Kong toys, the gentle leader collar for Nico, patience, Skype convos with my friend KT, heat, hot water, food, pork roast, coffee, music, updates on The Twins, planning to spend Christmas with my family!!, my family in general, my good brother specifically, voicemail and red buttons on phones, December being my Birthday month, Barefoot wine, Sunday plans to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Advil, Tramadol, heating pads, good pillows, sweet comforters, puppy kisses in the morning, man dog kisses the rest of the day, and you my dear Craughers, YOU rock my face off every day. Thank you for being here, for your continued support, and for brightening even my dullest days.


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