Faceless Friday: Part 84

On Friday’s I like to pull together a list of all the things that rocked my face off in the past week, it is called Faceless Friday… and here is this week’s list:

The Beasts. Also known as Nico Harper Man Dog Extraordinaire and Josephine Pearl Puppy of Terror (okay, her title is still in the works).  I wouldn’t necessarily call doggy Olympic wrestling a harmonious home, but these two are finally getting together pretty well and as loud as it may be it is still pretty entertaining.  Nico has always been a jealous dog, so for him to start accepting that I want to love on Josie as well is a pretty big deal that rocks my face off.

Friendships that count for something.  I have had many friends in my lifetime.  Groups of friends, cliques of friends, but there are those friends that stick around, that include you no matter what, that are true and true beyond belief, or sometimes even reason.  Those friendships have rocked my face off this past week. These are the friends that seek you out when you need them the most, ask the tough questions, and listen to the answers with sincerity and love.  Those friendships rock my face off, daily… and I thank you, true friends, for always having my back.

Vicodin, Advil, Heating Pads and Epson Salts.  I typically stay away from any sort of pain pills if I can manage, but this week I am grateful I have an arsenal of pain killers hidden away for when my back hates me.  Anything that can get me standing up rocks my face off this week.

The Fixer.  Last on the list, but definitely not least in rocking of the face.  This man has taken on puppy patrol like a champ and doesn’t even complain (much) about it.  He is also very caring and tries damn hard to be understanding when my back won’t comply to my will.  Having him ask me things like “Are you doing this because of your codependency” also ROCKS my face off… he gets it, and me, and I adore him for that amongst many other things.

And now for the short list:

Good lotion, Skype, warm sweatshirts, pot roast, homemade cookies for breakfast (and dinner), wine, coffee, hazelnut creamer, heat, nail files, emails, and a big comfy bed to rest my weary body.

And you, Craughers, for loving me in spite of myself. Thank you.


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