Faceless Friday: Part 83

It happens to be Friday again, so it is time for Faceless Friday… and I know most of you are over the whole idea of gratitude because of the Thanksgivingis, but I do this every week. Gratitude does not stop and is not tied to one day around this Craughing world.  Lets’ start:

A dog pack.  The Fixer and I adopted a new puppy last Thursday, her name is Josephine Pearl, or Josie for short.  The first two days Nico ran around like a mean old man dog growling and being jealous, but now that he realizes she isn’t going anywhere there is a new calm in the house.  That is if you can consider calm to mean doggy Olympics, complete with amphitheater sounds.  They seem to like each other enough now that I am no longer concerned that Nico is going to eat her while we sleep.  In fact, he seems to be pretty damn patient with her, perhaps more than I would be if a 3 month old was gnawing on my hind legs.  Also, she lines all of her toys up in a row… so that weirdness adds nicely to the house.

The Fixer.  Bless this man for his patience and kind heart.  I have been super sick the last couple of days and he has taken over the pack leader roll without even blinking.  Up every two hours to trot outside to take the puppy pee and just showing all sorts of patience.  He’s kinda a big deal.  Last Saturday he also got his first taste of a hippy concert and handled it like a pro (minus the hits of acid), he seemed to enjoy himself, and it was nice to have him at one of the best concerts ever. (Wookiefoot btw).  Besides all of that I have some mad pride and love feelings for him.

Family.  My good brother and his wife in awesome came to visit!! It was awesome to have my family come and see where I have been living for the last year, and then to go see the show in Chicago. Epic and awesome all weekend long.  Also I love them.

Okay, now on to the short list because I still have a head cold and my brain hurts:

The Fixer’s family for always being inviting, puppy food, a vet I really like, coffee, music, pumpkin rolls sent from my momma, Gone with the Wind marathons, naps, my body and the amount of snot it can produce, men’s razors, Epson salts, a warm home, a soft bed, snuggly dogs,  The Fixer having a long weekend off, paychecks, laughter (always!!), and you dear Craughers. Always.


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