Faceless Friday: Part 82

It is Friday again, and that means something to me this week because I have the weekend off!! It also means it is time for Faceless Friday. Here are the things that rocked my face off this past week:

I have been on a Codependent high and did not even let myself realize it until about 2 am last night (or this morning).  The fact that I am just realizing this is what has been going on with me is upsetting.  Looks like I need to refocus for recovery.

It started simple enough, a girl at work has decided that she does not like me.  Instead of accepting this and working anyway, I began obsessing. Thinking of ways to get her to like me, of ways to get her to really NOT like me, and ways to just avoid all of that drama instead of taking care of the problem.  Doesn’t it always begin “simple enough” a few thoughts here and there and the next thing you know (or I know rather) I am up all hours of the night obsessing over what has been said, what should have been said, what I can do, and what others should do.  Instead of just accepting my feelings, my responsibilities and making healthy choices for myself I have let someone else control my thoughts and feelings, without her knowledge even!  This has been going on for a few weeks, but really took off on Monday.  Super hyperactive codependent mode burst in and I was off to the races with thoughts that are not healthy, and really should not even be mine.  So… today I focus, or refocus on recovery.  And being able to see this and have some sort of game plan for this relapse ROCKS MY FACE OFF!

Josephine Pearl.  We adopted a puppy last night.  I have to keep telling Nico man dog that I still love him and that I know he saved my life, but that we still wanted to increase our family.  She is adorable, but still not the greatest at letting me take pictures.  Being in a place where The Fixer and I can rescue a pup and add to the love in our home, rocks!

The Fixer.  I cannot express the amount of pride and gratitude I have for him and the changes that he is making in his life.  He has taken responsibility for a major issue and like a real man has stepped up to change the problem.  Not only that he has encouraged me, believed in me and counseled me this past week when I really needed the love and support.  He is an excellent provider, doggie lover, and easily one of my most favorite (if not completely favorite) people.

Okay, let’s go ahead and jump to the short list, as this Faceless Friday turned all mushy right quick. “Indestructible” puppy toys shredded all over the house, oatmeal dog shampoo, COFFEE, anti-anxiety meds, paychecks, having balls enough to meet with my bosses, a warm bed and comforters, a heating pad, running water, paper towels, Skype, cigarettes, cell phone service, bankruptcy meetings,  the good brother and his wife arriving TONIGHT, a few days off of work to regroup, having a job at all, and last, but most definitely not least, you dear Craughers, rock my face off daily. Thank you for being here and taking this journey with me.


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