Faceless Friday: Part 80

It is time for Faceless Friday, where I list out all of the awesome things I am grateful for that happened in the past week,  or what I like to say “Rocked my Face Off” – hence the Faceless Friday name. Get it? Okay, let us continue.

“My Boys”:  The guys at the group home somehow got into my heart, and now I will probably refer to them as “my boys”… not sure that is a good thing, but it’s natural to me so… there is that.  I love that they listen to me, and trust that I am intelligent enough to have some wisdom in how the world works.  In addition, they still think I am a gangsta, so that’s funny too. Also, having a job that I love pretty much rocks.

The Fixer: We had a pretty rocky week this past week, but somehow this guy mustered up the courage to talk to me frankly about what has been going on, and made some of the best alfredo I have ever had… and then didn’t judge me too harshly for eating three plates of it. I also woke up this morning to surprise tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra… how cool is that?

My Family. I am missing them something terrible, but they still keep including me in the growth of the Twins. Those damn babies (my niece and nephew) are probably the best thing ever. And I hopefully get to see them soon and hear their little baby laughter’s.

Short list:

Rolling my own smokes, saving money, filing for bankruptcy, new boots, bras that actually fit, men’s razors, Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Body Wash, Sam’s Club membership that allowed for me to buy 895 of everything, Keb Mo music in the morning, Skype conversations that make me laugh and laugh, hot water and Epsom salts, Advil, coffee!!, getting health insurance (starts Jan. 1) Thank the GODS!, eavesdropping on The Fixer and his bestie talking about me… in good ways, and of course you dear Craughers, as always, thank you! 


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