Faceless Friday: Part 79

Better late than never with the Faceless Friday, aye?  Last night was a drunkard’s dream around this here Craughing land, so I apologize now if none of this makes sense. Let us begin.  Here are the things that rocked my face off this past week:

Work.  I got to spend three days in a row at the group home and it was pretty sweet. It’s nice when you go into work and already have an idea of what is going on.  That and I learned how to do a fade, so I’m the cool barber staff now.  And no I am not against free haircuts to gain more respect, or street cred. Whateves. Those boys already have my heart, and that rocks my face off.

Acknowledgment.  I lost my home two years ago in foreclosure, and it was devastating. I worked very, very, hard to keep my home and it just never worked out.  I will never be able to express how frustrating and heartbreaking that was for me.  This week I got a letter and a check from a lawyer that had looked into the bank’s foreclosure process and took them to court for being unjust.  That’s right my old bank had to PAY ME for fucking me over.  It does not take the pain away, or the fact that I lost my house, but at least I know I was right and really could not have done anything because they had shady practices. Also extra money rocks.

Bankruptcy. (See above)  This week I was able to talk to a lawyer about what my options are for how screwed up everything got after (or during, rather) my divorce.  My option is bankruptcy, and even though that stings a bit, I am moving forward with my life, and I am going to do so with the cleanest slate I can manage.

The Fixer.  I cannot put in here all the ways that he rocks my face off, but I can say that talking and getting things out there are pretty amazing, and having someone listen and understand, even more so. The Fixer just basically rocks in every way. Also he let me shave his head last night when I was slammed on whiskey… so that was fun(ny).

Remembering without so much pain.  Years ago my high school boyfriend died on November 1st in a brutal drunk driving accident, taking two others with him.  The fact that I can talk about that now, and have some closure, rocks my face off. In addition, feeling pretty damn blessed that he was ever in my life in the first place.  He was a beautiful soul, and still worth weeping for today.


Okay that’s all for this week… and I’m not bothering with the short list, because I have this picture to share instead.


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