Faceless Friday: Part 77

This week was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me, but such is life working with teenagers.  Now it is Friday, which means it is time for Faceless Friday, and since I am up super duper early after working super duper late, I figured I could spare a few minutes to tell all of you what rocked my face off this past week.

Joy and Pride. Wednesday night I had a boy runaway on my shift at work, but last night he called me at the group home asking for advice, and I am glad and grateful to say that he returned! I cannot express enough how proud I am of him for making the hard decision to face what he has done, and to accept whatever is coming his way.  It also gave me an opportunity to set some more ground rules with the boys and tell them what I am and am not willing to put up with.  It is important for me to be consistent with them, and to show them why I am there… which is to help them, because God knows I am not paid very well.

The Fixer.  The Fixer has been busting ass all week at his work.  In fact, he just worked 18 hours straight, yes, 18 hours.  He is committed to his work, and to our life, and I appreciate that more than words can express.  I am also grateful that no matter what is going on with his job he still takes time to come home and walk Nico while I am at work, not to mention taking the time to listen to all of the ups and downs that happen at my job.  It is reassuring and refreshing to know that there are real men like that in the world, and even better that I somehow snagged one.

Venting and friendships.  I am one lucky girl to be able to have friends to tell all of my life stuff to, and that I know I always have a place to vent about whatever thoughts float into my head.  I was supported perfectly yesterday and am damn grateful to have a network of love.

Dog hair in my coffee.  I know, that is gross, but when you have an Australian Shepherd and it is fall dog hair comes with the territory.  I am grateful that I have this opportunity to love a living, breathing and wonder filled animal. I am grateful for his cuddles, his tail wags and his spastic love when I get home, and I am grateful that he loves me so unconditionally… and it helps that his temperature is always warm because this house has been freezing!

Okay, that is all the time I have this morning as I am off to get fully trained in the awesomeness of CPR and First Aid (mostly because I couldn’t find my info to get recertified). So, here is the short list of things that rocked my face off this week:

A job I love, a paycheck, coffee, hazelnut creamer, food, having enough energy to finally shave my damn legs, being able to support my friends, one pair of jeans that fit (because at least I have one thing to wear), Honey Nut Cheerios, pictures of The Twins, finally learning my way around this city after a year, having boys trust in me enough to talk to me, and you Craughers, for your support, encouragement, and awesomeness. Thank you!!


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