Faceless Friday: Part 76

I made up a song this week for Faceless Friday. It goes like this:  “It’s time for Faceless Friday, it’s time for Faceless Friday”. Obviously, it is going to be a hit someday…  And if you are new here, Faceless Friday is where I list all of the awesome that rocked my face off the past week. I usually type it all out when I first wake up, hence the song.  So let us begin:

Nico Harper’s new dog tag.  I had a dream a few weeks back that I lost Nico for good.  When I woke up I promptly ordered him a new dog tag with our current information, even though he has a microchip, because any person wondering around on the street probably can’t read the chip… So, yesterday when Nico took off (once again) at the dog park, I was damn grateful to get a phone call saying “Um… did you lose your dog”.  Granted we were at the dog park, and he had only been missing for roughly two minutes, but it was still nice.  I was sad that Nico had decided to find a forever home with someone else, but I swiftly squashed that dream of his and brought him home.  He is grounded now. Forever.

It says “I rescued my human.”

My body.  As many of you know my body hates me most of the time.  I have degenerative disc disease in my spine, and the wonderfulness of Fibromyalgia fucking with me daily.  But I am still grateful that I indeed have a body to use.  I’m also grateful that it cleared up any concerns I had about not having sugar or carbs… because honestly I totally started eating all of those things again and my waist started bulging out again, and my skin broke out. So, yay for a body that knows that clean eating is the best for me, and gives me even more reasons to eat responsibly.


A new RED coffee pot. The Fixer bought me a new coffee pot yesterday and it has a timer on it that says how long it has been since the coffee has been brewed. I am especially excited about this because it gives me a challenge every morning to beat my previous times of coffee consumption.

I sanded, and painted this beast… and therefore it is the inspiration behind EVERYTHING that decorates the kitchen.

The Fixer.  Not only because he bought me a coffee pot that matches my red kitchen table, but because he is pretty awesome in most every aspect.  I feel blessed beyond words to get to experience this relationship with him, and he makes me laugh every day.  You really cannot beat that.  His consistency and compassion rock my face off.

love takes courage
I went through hell to find a love worth the courage it takes.

Work.  I still cannot believe I have a job in a group home again.  I cannot express how damn happy that makes me.  It also makes me happy that they are already open to some ideas that I presented to them on Tuesday.  I am pretty damn passionate about helping kids and it is nice to work somewhere that sees that, recognizes it and is open to it.  The boys are pretty okay too… even if they are still trying to figure out if I am “cool” or not.


A year.  On Sunday I will have lived in this state for a year.  I finally even got a new driver’s license to prove it! I am grateful for this opportunity, grateful that it has been a blessing, and grateful to The Fixer for allowing all of it to happen.


Okay, now for the short list because this got lengthy pretty quick:

Coffee, music, men’s razors, good shampoo, my family, allergy medicine, books to read that I am obsessed with, blankets and open windows, Scandal, having all of my things here with me now, wine (even if it is making me fat), not being on unemployment anymore, the fact that I even got unemployment in the first place, a computer to type all of this out on, cell phone reception (even if I never use it), my internet friends that are so supportive and share stuff of mine (thank YOU!!), and you my dear Craughers, always. Thank you for being here, for sharing all of this with me, and for giving me a reason to get up so damn early every Friday.

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