Faceless Friday: Part 75

I remember when I was younger people always telling me that time goes a lot faster when you are older…. damn if they weren’t right, because it’s Friday already, and time to list out some items of gratefulness for Faceless Friday. Here is what rocked my face off this past week:

Working.  I’m officially trained at the group home, so now my real shifts can begin.  I’m only part time, which is nice right now, because working again seems to wear me out something fierce.  Still, working with teens again is fun, and so far pretty entertaining.  Doing something I love rocks my face off. (I also got my first paycheck today… so.. awesome!)

Music.  Sometimes I can’t find actual words to describe how I am feeling. For those times I am grateful that I have a wide variety of music at my fingertips.  I am especially grateful for Kings of Leon this week…. even if their concert was sold out in Chicago… and especially even after hearing from the band that “It was one of the best shows they have ever have”.

 The Fixer.  Last night The Fixer made a pork roast on the grill.  What would have taken me 18 hours to cook, and would have been bland, took him less than 3 hours and was AMAZING.  He is the grill master.

Nico Harper.  I know that it isn’t really cool to say this, but I love that he has a deathly fear of thunderstorms, because that means he spends all that time cuddling with me.  I love that he finds as much comfort in me as I do in him.  He’s probably the best dog in the entire world.

Okay, now for the short list, because I am about to make this day my biooootttccchhh!:

Tweezers, brand new birth certificate so I can be official in this state, Skype dates with my friend KT, my other friend Katy having her 12th SOBER day!!!, October being domestic awareness month, a cell phone that works, Diet Soda (yes, I know how bad it is for me…), meeting new people, and liking them, allergy meds, free “samples” from my doctor so I don’t have to spend $238 on meds, and of course you dear Craughers! Thank you for taking this journey with me… and helping me (everyday) see how beautiful life can be.



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