Faceless Friday: Part 73

It’s Friday again, and honestly I can’t remember what all happened this week that rocked my face off. I spent a lot of it curled up on the couch waiting for my body to act like I was in control… which it never does. The bastard.  Anyway, things did Rock my face off this week, and here are a few of them:

My Navigation Skillz are Mad Whack Yo.  On October 13th I will have lived in this state, in this city, for a full year, and still I get lost almost every damn time I leave the house.  Which amazes me, because I have ALWAYS been awesome with my sense of direction.  In my home state I can get back to where I need to be by many different ways, back roads, you name it… here I have no idea which way is North (not that that knowledge would help).  Anyway, by the grace of God I always end up finding my way…. by my own knowledge, because I am too damn stubborn to turn on the navigation on my phone.  So, this week, especially today, I am grateful that I can figure somethings out…. like how to get home.

Okay, so like I said this week has been filled with a lot of physical crap, so I am just going to jump to the short list:

I’m alive, The Fixer and all of his awesomeness, Nico dog being cuddlely because he hates storms, a car that works, food in the house, a HOME, water, losing more weight, Saving Grace being on Netflix, Netflix in general, money to pay for my cell phone, my friend KT, and my friend JDawg, Advil, hangovers (as a reminder to stop drinking so damn much), my family, a JOB, and new shoes. And of course all of you Craughers that read this nonsense every week, all six of you, rock my face off!


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