Faceless Friday: Part 72

Ah, Friday once again, which means it is time for Faceless Friday.  Faceless Friday is a (mostly) weekly tradition of listing out all of the things that rocked my face off in the past week…. And it’s been a pretty damn good week. Let’s get our gratitude on:

I GOT A JOB!! WHAT!? That’s right my friends, I start work the week of the 23rd, and am pretty damn pumped about it.  I will, once again, be working with at-risk teens (my heart’s passion) and am excited to start this new chapter in my life, doing what I love.  I have to admit I am a bit nervous, but I am sure that will pass once I get settled.  Did I mention I GOT A JOB? And I got it because I decided what I wanted to do and randomly sent out my resume to group homes…. How’s that for God doing good in my life?

The Fixer. Always.  I don’t know that I have any words I haven’t already used to describe my gratitude for this guy.  He is kind, generous, hilarious and good looking.    He is supportive of my dreams, my goals, and me in general. I am blessed beyond words with this one.  He also does a great job of telling me my cooking is good, and I love that.

The Twins.  Both babies are home and my nephew is doing awesome! He is up to 9lbs already and I hear he is all smiles. All the pictures I keep getting make my heart melt and yearn to kiss their little baldheads. I love them, and grateful that I am their aunt.

Nico Harper Man Dog Extraordinaire.  Now that the temperatures are not melting our skins off Nico is all cuddles in the morning and I love that.  I may not be the dog momma I was when I first got him, but he loves me regardless of my back troubles. So that rocks.

And now for the short list, because I am going to accomplish something today, even if it kills me:

My friend KT having Skype at work so she can make me laugh all day, cooler weather!!!, water, blankets and a big bed, planting mums, new kitchen rug that is awesome, unemployment (so grateful!),  money for groceries, having a stocked fridge, almonds, and you my dear Craughers, YOU rock my face off DAILY. Thank you, sincerely, for being here.


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