Faceless Friday: Part 71

Last week Faceless Friday was a bit rushed, and posted on Saturday (the shame!), so this week let’s do this proper like.  In no real order to note, here are the things that rocked my face off this past week:

Nico Harper Man Dog Extraordinaire.  We spent all last weekend at The Fixer’s parents house, and Nico got along with every dog there. There were six in total and not one incident worth mentioning.  He listened well, and played hard.  This is worth noting because he gets along with other dogs unless I am around… then he turns into super dick.  He has even tried to fight one of the big dogs (140lbs of hair mostly) because the guy came to close to his momma.  But last weekend he kept his cool for the most part and made his humans proud.  On another note, he has also invented the game where he wakes me up at midnight by standing at the end of the bed whimpering for no fucking reason at all.  I did not really mind because that usually means he climbs into bed with me and we cuddle…. Until tonight when I discovered his end game.  Me awake at midnight and him sleeping peacefully.  Well played my furry friend. Well played.

He wins. Every. Damn. Time.

The Fixer.  The Fixer turned another year older on Tuesday, and all he wanted to do was clean the house… which is fine, because well, it WAS his birthday.  Aside from me failing miserably at getting him anything for his birthday we had a great weekend hanging out, camping and enjoying his family over the long weekend.  I am ashamed to admit I didn’t know guys like him existed.  He is kind, smart, super funny; damn cute, super sexy, and giving… he is so giving and good, and helpful.  He is seriously the kind of guy that jumps up and leaves whatever he is doing to help his mom out, or anyone really, but it melts my heart the most when he jumps to her aid.  I had no idea I could be so compatible with someone and that rocks my face off every day.


The Twins.  The Nephew is home again and already gaining weight! He is up to 7 pounds and 10 ounces and his demanding and adorable sister is up to 9 pounds and 10 ounces.  Pictures from the family show them happy and smiling.  My hope is that I get to hear them laugh on my next visit.  I am so very grateful that Nephew is such a fighter and is finally home, hopefully for good this go around.

They aren't this small anymore!!
They aren’t this small anymore!!

New Eating.  So… I pretty much bombed my hypoglycemic diet this past weekend and ate all the starches and all the carbs I could find, but still kept it all in moderation (you know, because I am a lady and whatnot).  It showed me that the things I have been doing to eat cleaner and healthier are benefiting my mood, my body and me.  And I am still losing weight so…fuck yeah!  I also have this strange desire to drink water all the time… seriously, all the time… that’s new and pretty awesome since I always hated water (for the most part).

I've lost about 8 of these!
I’ve lost about 8 of these!

The Fixer’s Mom and Family.  You know how you do not have a choice who your mother-in-law is going to be?  Well, if I did, this woman would be it.  She is inviting, kind, funny, and family oriented.  She is the kind of person you meet and want to be like, but not in a fake way, in a really sincere, down to earth, she actually rocks way.  She throws a family reunion every year, and this was my second year attending.  The whole family is inviting, and fun, and makes me feel like I have always belonged with them.  So, not being uncomfortable around 30 or so people pretty much rocks my face off.

True Story.
True Story.

Okay… let us wrap this up so I can attempt to get a more shuteye.  Here is the short list of things that rocked my face off this past week:

My family, my friends, clean hair, painted toenails, a clean Nico because The Fixer knew I couldn’t handle washing dead things off the dog, music, books, clean laundry, a vacuum that can keep up with a shedding Australian Shepherd, cooler weather, sleeping outdoors, fires, vodka, understanding and compassionate people, football, baseball, the movie What to Expect when You are Expecting (so good!), a home (HOME!!), the fact that it is Friday, September 06, 2013, Netflix, YouTube, and all of you Craughers.  I sincerely thank you for always joining me on this journey, giving me good ideas on what books to read, and for just being here, for being YOU.



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