Faceless Friday: Part 70

You know how people say “A day late and a dollar short”… that’s me this week with the Faceless Friday.  It’s Saturday…. But that doesn’t stop the fact that things rocked my face off this past week, and it also doesn’t stop me from calling it all Faceless Friday.  Let’s get started.

Baby Nephew.  He was home for a night and then was taken back to the hospital because of his feeding tube coming out.  Despite that, and another short stay, he is back home today and doing well.  It looks like his surgery last week was helpful and hopefully that means he will be growing in rapid ways soon.  I love those Twins.

I know I have more to be grateful for, but this weekend is slam packed with things to do in the real world, so I am going to go ahead and end with the short list.

Short List of Gratitude AKA Faceless Friday Fun Facts:

The Fixer, Nico Harper, YouTube, Skype, The Fixer’s Mom, My mom, Family, Friends that make me laugh, Friends that help me remember who I am, deodorant, pain pills, wine, surprising gifts in the mail from friends!!, heating pads, long walks, short walks, the sun, when the sun goes down and it’s cooler, being reminded every day at how far I have come in the last two years. And you dear Craughers, YOU. Thank you.


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