Faceless Friday: Part 69

This week went by pretty fast for me, and felt like it was full of ALL the emotions… so I’m going to try and put some perspective on said emotions and list out the things that rocked my face off.  It’s Faceless Friday, let us get some gratitude going. (Also I cannot stop giggling at it being Faceless Friday 69…. mostly because I am a 12 year old boy)

Baby Nephew, and Baby Niece.  It is hard being away from The Twins, especially since nephew has been in NICU for the last three weeks.  Monday he had surgery on his tiny little self to get his esophagus to start working.  News from the homeland tells me that he is doing good, but will still have a feeding tube for awhile.  He may even be released this weekend.  I am grateful that even a baby weighing around 6 pounds can find such strength and drive to live.  That really says something about life, doesn’t it?

Anniversary lunch.  Sunday The Fixer and I celebrated our one year anniversary of dating by getting super dolled up and going to a fancy lunch.  He even put on a suit! I am still amazed everyday that this man in my life fits me so well.  I love that he likes to get fancy sometimes, and looks damn good doing it.  It is pretty spectacular that the guy I see everyday heading to work in his cut off concert t-shirts, and work boots, also enjoys looking like a GQ model at times. I pretty much like everything about him on the daily, and that rocks my face off.

Eating for energy, not to satisfy cravings.  I’m on the end of my second week eating clean(er) and not eating carbs or sugar.  I have been getting up every morning and feeding myself, and then making myself lunch as well.  This may not seem like a big deal, but I used to starve myself and then eat all of the junk I could when the hunger was too much.  I am trying to fuel my body now, for health and energy.  It has been pretty hard sometimes, but I feel like I deserve a body that is more functional…. That and I would love to lose this freakin’ weight I added on (41 pounds total, in months).    I had a job interview Wednesday and actually had to not button, or zip my pants… just rolled them down under my belly and hoped my shirt stayed down. Yep.

Friendships that are easy.  I am not the best sort of friend to have, I get caught up in myself and my life pretty easy, add that to a lot of pain ALL of the time, and trying to still unpack and adjust to all of my things again (YAY!!) and I’m pretty absent.  I love that I have friends that understand this, get me, and let me be the best sort of friend I can be.  You see, I am loyal, understanding, and pretty damn funny at times… but I am also not the sort of person that drops my life for someone else anymore.  I have friends that celebrate that with me.  I have some true friends, and I am forever grateful for that.  Your unconditional love means the world to me. Which brings me to my codependency…

Codependency.  http://craughing.com/2013/08/23/update-on-codependency-recovery/    (What two blog posts in a day!? Shit yeah!!)

And now for the short list:

Money to buy food, Nico Harper, The Dog Whisperer for keeping me company when I can’t sleep, support groups for all of my issues, Skype, nail polish, make-up, red heels, rocking my interview, being reminded of who I am, and Craughers. Always. You guys bless me everyday.


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